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Four years after their first cd entitled "Trah Njim", Troissoeur deliver their second album which should be a masterpiece. Nevertheless, the name of the band sounds like a bad joke, when we learn that this group from Belgium is composed of the three Vanvinckenroye brothers, among which the eldest, Rein, also collaborated with male or female. but only one listening of this sumptuous self-titled album will show that the sense of humour has no place in the group's suffocating universe. Produced by Daniel B. (Front 242 and male or female) who does a complete acoustic work, Troissoeur immediately captivates with its exclusive ambiances. In fact, we've seldom been given the chance to penetrate such a gloomy world lighted with candles, where such a distressed chant resonates. “Cucoon and kjilm” are models of powerful choruses, between hopeless shouts and condemnation. "Protect me against the big bad world" whispers an almost surreal female voice at the end of little dole: terror is touchable on this record where the loops and the sampler are laid in the background. Everything here makes that record the perfect environment for an imaginary apocalyptic world, from the fragility of higher motions and trays to the ritual chant of Sano m'ame, in a language that's the reverse of ours. Their style is said to be "acoustic ambient pop", but this music comes from a world where darkness won't easily leave its place to the pop's sunlight we all know. You're warned.


"CD review 3S (2004)"

Out on zoku, the folk sub-label of EMI Belgium, is the newest album of the Belgian string quartet Troissoeur. For this release the band joined hands with Front 242 brain Daniel B. who took care of production, mixing, drums, percussion, loops and soundscapes and finally also handled the mastering of the release. It resulted in 9 tracks that have reached a wider sound than what we could hear on the band’s previous efforts, the cd “trah njim” and the dvd “levina”. Away are the folk ingredients that kept the band alienated and too focused on folk itself, instead the material on this album is fully born to reach international markets. I’m inclined to say that this is one of the best releases so far that I have heard from Belgian soil for the moment. Those who want this release only for the Daniel B. alliance, please do not bother unless you have an ear for acoustic music and a heart for organic sounds. Note that a promo only single has been taken from this album, namely “Curoon”. (bvi:8/10)

- SIDE-LINE: 28-10-2004, CEDRIC

"cd review 3S (2004)"

Despite the name Troissoeur consists of three brothers, Joris, Reinout and Edwin Vanvinckenroye who sing and play double bass, piano and accordion and violin. The fourth man is guitarist Pieter Thys. From the start they had an unconventional approach to traditional songs and tunes and made them entirely their own. They didn't sing in Dutch or any other language but invented their own, thereby breaking all possible language barriers. At last month's Dranouter Folk Festival they proved to be one of the most successful acts on the main stage and that wasn't the act of a folk group anymore. They still play acoustic instruments but have added a good deal of electronics and their music is now totally their own. They play with total involvement and get in a kind of trance, something greatly appreciated by their audiences. Their newest CD is bound to be their most successful and should take them well beyond Belgium's borders. - RVI: 12-09-2004, RVI


CD Trah Njim (zoku label - 2000)
CD 3S (EMI label - 2004)
DVD LEVINA (EMI label - 2004)

CD BOX SPECIAL TRIBE (TRIBE label - release 010908)
CD THE TRIBE BAND (TRIBE label - release 011008)



A new band that proves there’s a sprankling life after the dead of Troissoeur. Troissoeur, the most wilful musical quartet in Flanders, played their last concert in october 2007. Only a few months later rises THE TRIBE BAND, out of the ashes, with three original members and two new musicians. Their performances give the best of a mix of polyphonic songs, gripping instrumental music, trance and sounddesign with a cinematic character. An extensive search for sound with musical roots in folk, jazz, pop/rock and beyond.

Four years after their refreshing first cd Trah Njim (zoku label - 2000), Troissoeur brought out a first-rate new album 3S (EMI label – 2004) and took to the road with an impressive multimedia live act. The close cooperation with music producer Daniel B. (the sound designer of "front 242" and of "male or female") has been of lasting benefit and has added a whole new dimension to their music.

To put all this into words isn't easy. As a consequence, the musical style that Troissoeur and Daniel B. have created, on this new cd, was, for practical reasons, given a name all its own: acoustic ambient pop. Acoustic energy generated by a double bass, piano, violin and guitar merges seamlessly with the power of programmed electronics and loops.

Tight, dynamic music which makes a lasting impression. More northern in character than southern, dark and moody, pompous and overwhelming yet subtle at the same time. Cinematic by nature, energetic, alien, dulcet, loud and quiet all rolled into one! Tone and rhuthm, time and space are all probed to the farthest corners of our comprehension. The focus here is on the perpetual struggle with the musical instrument. Troissoeur uses a language all its own with an all-purpose, high content.

The music in the live act is accompanied, and accentuated, by means of telling video art, projected onto 4 giant viewing screens. The audiovisual whole creates a total experience for the spectator and, with every performance, leaves a lasting impression.