The Trimmed Hedges

The Trimmed Hedges


The Trimmed Hedges consolidate rock and forward thinking experimentation to create a sound that, if not properly contained, could destroy the very fabric of the universe.


The Trimmed Hedges employ the use of odd rhythms and eager silence to capture deeply rooted musical environments. With restless hearts and busy fingers, the quartet so thunderously rift their surroundings, experimenting around unconventional ways of approaching a standard of modern music.

The Trimmed Hedges debut EP "Abandoned Cities" was met with a sea of praise, drawing progressive comparisons to Genesis and Pink Floyd. During late 2005 word began to spread of their magnetic stage shows, known for capturing the bombastic and intimate delicacies of Music Theater. In 2006, The Trimmed Hedges the experience at home and through dozens of U.S. Cities, sharing the stage with bands including The Octopus Project, Pattern is Movement and The Upwelling.

Claiming residency in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Dominique Davis is the founding member of The Missing Stamp Collective, and independent label and music community encouraging the strength and diversity within all people. The Missing Stamp will proudly release "The Seas Elected," the debut fill length by The Trimmed Hedges, on Tuesday, May 29.


Hot Summer Heads

Written By: Dominique Davis

When I age and bend I'll wear a people skin
To remind myself of what I'm safe from being
That says what's past is past and never coming back
And summer bees that sting are uninvited
Now I know what I can take, I've shifted all my weight
Into a place I made that doesn't feel like pain
An easy disconnect from what so many shape
As a wave that makes us who we are today

So faint, so bold
But, don't know until we've done everything wrong
If pictures capture all things crystal and pristine
We've carried bricks before
What for? What for? What for?
What for? What for?

Tear the Fences Down

Written By: Andy Juhl

Crawling through the dirt, with broken hands
Pulling staples from your side
Throw them in a pail, chains will pull you down
Half a mile still to go

Tear the fences down

Flat bed piled up high, on the borderline
Unwrap the wire from your head
Footprints in the dirt, someone must be near
To pull the post into the air

Tear the fences down

Falling to the ground
In a cloud of dust, take a ride on the machine
When tomorrow comes, and the fence is gone
We'll sit at home and sing a song
Through the wind and rain across an open field
I am trying to tear the fences down
If te sun shines down upon this lonely face
I'm still trying to tear the fences down


"Abandoned Cities" EP (2006)

"The Seas Elected" LP (2007)

*"Abandoned Cities" EP available at virtually every online digital music store! WOW!

*Stream three brand-new songs from "The Seas Elected" at:

Set List

The Trimmed Hedges can do it short and sweet, or long and heavy.

Typical Set Length: 45 - 70 minutes