The Trinity Projekt

The Trinity Projekt

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
BandRockCover Band


The Trinity Projekt is all about the girls. Anyone one who has experienced us "Rant" during our show will know this. We Love to have fun! Play Long Sets! And watch rowdy girls dance infront of the stage

Musically TTP is also all about conformity, not taking music to new levels, and most definitely NOT taking chances or trying anything musically risky...

Not to be confused with risque, because we are all about that. The reason for this is because were actually professional girl watchers not musicians. At TTP industries much time and energy is spent on making our music as normal as possible. I know its hard to believe that a band might be like that but we are.


Our Debut Album is currently being worked on is slated to be released this spring.

Set List

We have around 100 song cover list to draw from ranging from Country, classic rock, Rockabilly. We can play for around 4 hours not including the breaks between sets