The Trinkets

The Trinkets


Take an energetic kid from Chicago who musically came of age in a Brit-Pop band and a Minnesotan girl with a penchant for folk harmonies and you get something like The Trinkets. The duo are a true blend of styles whose dual songwriting skills, harmonies, and folk/pop fusion set them apart.


The Trinkets are Lauren Knapp (banjo, guitar, vocals) and Grant Sabatier (guitar, vocals, silliness). They formed in the spring of 2008 and have benn consistently folking things up since. The duo is a true collaboration of each musician's musical styles. Grant brings some much appreciated pop-rock influence to compliment Lauren's folk/country background. But the group's strength really lies in its unique vocal harmonies and cooperative songwriting.


Blenheim Blues (2009)

Set List

Tell Me
So Fast
My Friend
Last One Out
So Pretty
Jewel of the Prairie

Do Gillian Welch, Iron & Wine, Patty Griffin, Older Folk Covers and sometimes a surprise

Songs average 4:00