THE Tripping Billies

THE Tripping Billies


While most groups in the tribute-band genre set out to replicate songs of the original artist - some note for note - the Tripping Billies give the audience more...a lot more. A Tripping Billies' show is the next closest thing to seeing the Dave Matthews Band (DMB) live in concert.


For club owners, booking agents, promoters, colleges and universities:

Once the music starts, a Tripping Billies' show is the closest thing to seeing
the Dave Matthews Band (DMB) live in concert.

In fact, here's what the University of Rochester's Campus Times had to say
about a recent Billies' show at Milestones in Rochester, NY:
"When they began to jam. . . if you closed your eyes, you could convince
yourself. . . that you were really at a Dave Matthews Band concert."

Being that DMB is selling out stadiums and amphitheatres in just hours all
over the country, you have a ready-made audience for the Tripping Billies.
Playing new cities has never been a problem for the Tripping Billies because
the audience already knows the music and they love to come and enjoy it.
The Tripping Billies' popularity and success is skyrocketing. Playing to a
packed house is the rule rather than the exception.

Consider these highlights since the band was formed:
> The Billies' first gig drew 150 people on the strength of a single flyer
> The band drew an audience of nearly 600+ in Rochester, N.Y., with some
late breaking radio promotion.
> Advance ticket sales for the Tripping Billies debut show in New York City
surpassed all previous club records.
> The Billies have opened for The Samples (whom DMB opened for back in
the early 90s), 10,000 Maniacs, Merl Saunders (of Grateful Dead fame) and
other main stream acts
> A dedicated following of fans throughout the entire United States
> 800+ people the first time into Recher Theatre in Towson, MD
> 500+ people at the Odeon in Cleveland, OH, the first time playing in OH
> Regularly playing 2 consecutive nights at Harpers Ferry in Boston, MA
> The first time into Greenville, NC, the Billies played a 250 person venue
and 400+ people showed up, prompting a second night of performance
> 500+ people the first time into Atlanta, GA, a completely new region for the
Tripping Billies


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Set List

The Tripping Billies are able to perform the ENTIRE DMB catalog - EVERYTHING

"The Show" is 2+ hours - Hits are featured, however, crowd favorites such as; 'Two Step' 'Pig' '#41' and other rare cuts & B-Sides are also featured

Drawing from the Dave Matthews Bands' extensive 13-album catalogue, The Tripping Billies work within the framework of the original material but infuses every concert with a fresh perspective by exploring each member's virtuosity and improvisational skill. TBs play the most important parts of the songs as true to the structure and feel of the original, but each member adds his personality and playing style to the more open sections of the song.

Odd as it may sound, THE Tripping Billies have a fan base that is just as ardent & rabid as the DMB. The opt-in Email list contains over 10,000+ ACTIVE names. It is not unusual for fans to attend (and record) several shows in a row. Growing by leaps & bounds, is the only phrase to describe this.