The TripWire Project

The TripWire Project


TripWire play a unique blend of original rock and Classic Covers. We are a hard rock trio. We cover bands such as: Frank Zappa, The Beatles, Steve Miller, Montrose, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, CCR, Sublime, Spinal Tap, Neil Young, ect...


About thetripwireproject
The TripWire Project has existed in one form or another since 1984, when Robert Radebaugh originally formed the band TripWire in Oklahoma City. The band has gone through various lineup changes since then, evolving into The TripWire Project in 2006. The Chemicals, formed in 1985 with the lineup of Randal.T, Glenn Bonney, Darin McKeegan, and Damon Weese. After a year or so Darin was asked to leave the group, due to his lack of commitment. The Chemicals continued playing only a handful of dates over the years, until 1991 when a variety of personal problems was to much and the band broke up. In 1990 Robert moved to Oregon to help with the family business. In 1992 Robert, Randal.T, Bass player Charles Bacon, and Drummer David Arnold reformed as TripWire. Due to personal reasons David had to bow out from his duties. In need of a drummer they asked Glenn Bonney to join the group. TripWire had some success for a couple of years until Charles failing health led them to break up. In 1997 Randal.T, Glenn, and Damon regrouped under the name of "SOFA" ( a Frank Zappa song title ) working up some of the older Chemical and TripWire material, as well as new original and cover songs. After a few years the trio became a quintet adding Robert back into the picture. In 2000 Randal.T, Glenn, Damon, Robert, and Allison Rickenbaugh formed using the Sofa name, but again personal differences caused the project to fall apart. In 2002 TripWire was revived with Randal.T, Damon, Robert, and Drummer Gordon Veltkamp. TripWire played several dates in the spring and summer of 2003, before having to stop so that Robert could take care of family matters. In Feb 2004 TripWire regrouped with Drummer Glenn Bonney( as Gordon chose to resign from the project ) so Randal.T, Glenn and Damon have been putting together the current show ever since. That brings us to the present day Band ( The TripWire Project ) playing songs that all the previous groups have done, as well as new originals, and many more covers. We have recently done some research that turned up at least 10 other TripWires worldwide. This is the reason we choose to change our name to "The TripWire Project" And we like it that way!!!! Peace all, The TripWire Project


Nothing ever released. Goto, or for mp3's

Set List

Will tailor set to any event/venue.
About 1/3 covers unless covers not allowed.
Can play up to 5 45min sets.

Covers we do:

Day Tripper---The Beatles
With a Little Help From My Friends---The Beatles
Helter Skelter---The Beatles
Taxman---The Beatles
Birthday---The Beatles
Come Together---The Beatles
Sweet Leaf---Black Sabbath
Green River---CCR
Fortunate Son ---CCR
Breathe---Pink Floyd
Cinnamon Girl---Neil Young
Rockin' In the Free World---Neil Young
Rockin' Me---Steve Miller
The Stake---Steve Miller
Stuck In the Middle With You---Stealers Wheel
Over The Hills and Far Away---Led Zeppelin
Thank You---Led Zeppelin
Rock Candy---Montrose
What I Got---Sublime
Wrong Way---Sublime
What You're Doing---Rush
Take a Friend---Rush
I Think I'm Goin' Bald---Rush
Cash On Delivery---Spinal Tap
Ms. Pinky---Frank Zappa
Why Dont'cha Do Me Right---Frank Zappa
In France---Frank Zappa