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The Trolleyvox


If Chrissy Hynde sang for “The Byrds”, or if Pete Townshend replaced Ben Watt in early “Everything but the Girl” they might sound something like The Trolleyvox. Arpeggiated guitars combine with gorgeous vocals to deliver songs with hooks that worm their way into your brain and don't burn out.


If Chrissy Hynde and Bob Mould jammed with “The Byrds”, or if Pete Townshend and Mitch Mitchell joined Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn in early “Everything But The Girl” they might sound something like The Trolleyvox. Gorgeous vocal and harmonies on top of layers of arpeggiated guitars, percussion and piano combine to deliver emotionally impactful songs with hooks that worm their way into your brain and don’t burn out.

On September 4th, 2007, the fourth release from The Trolleyvox hits stores - the double disc set on the Transit of Venus label is comprised of "Your Secret Safe" (TOVCD7007A) a full-band electric album produced by Brian McTear (Danielson, Espers, Mazarin, A-Sides, Lilly's, Apollo Sunshine) featuring nine new originals and a ripping version of The Who's "Our Love Was, Is" from"The Who Sell Out"; and "Luzerne" (TOVCD7007B) a gorgeous acoustic album of just songwriter-guitar player Andrew Chalfen and lead singer Beth Filla. The Two albums are being packaged together for the physical release and sold at the fan-friendly price of $14.99. The albums will be sold separately for digital download.

"It might be a downloading world, but a quaint minority of us music fans still treasure the excitement of acquiring a nicely packaged slab of new music and devoting an uninterrupted block of time to delving into its mysteries. The Trolleyvox strive to make albums which function as such. So in the spirit of "there's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a premium quality double gatefold album", we Trolleyvox went whole hog with our new one, a double disc set with two new albums packaged together (one epic full-band, one way mellow acoustic), along with a 16 page color booklet. Anachronistic and commercially dubious? Sure! Hey, you can still download our music and that's cool, but for those who like to pour over the liner notes and graphics, we've got your back. And as added incentive, the double disc set of "Your Secret Safe/Luzerne" will cost only slightly more than our previous single cd releases, but ONLY if you purchase the physical artifact! We're sneaky like that.", said songwriter-guitarist Andrew Chalfen.

"Your Secret Safe", the electric album, comes a year after the release of the band's critically acclaimed third album "The Trolleyvox Present The Karaoke Meltdowns". With this album, the band experiments and takes chances that break it out of the four-minute pop song model they have previously mastered so well by stripping out some of their now trademarked "wall-of-arpeggiated guitars" sound in favor of more open arrangements, improvisation, and longer song-forms. The result is a set of beautiful songs with a more relaxed and open-feel.

The album kicks-off with a blast of '70s-esque pop - "Call On You" and then quickly progressing to the ringing guitars and staccato fills that underlay Beth Filla's gorgeous vocals on Reading. The smokey "Fume Of Sighs" is followed by the rocking-romp of "Rabbit In The Sun" with its repeating marching-band bass drum thuds on the lead beat. "Anvil" is the first ever Trolleyvox song without any guitar, just piano and Andrew and Beth in beautiful vocal duet. The album concludes with the jammingly psychedelic eleven-and-a-half minute "Cricket In Euphoria".

"Luzerne", the acoustic album is made up 12 gorgeous acoustic-guitar based originals - 7 with vocals and 5 instrumentals. Imagine a lost Nick Drake record if he had let Nico take the lead vocal duties. "On The Way Down", "Stomping Grounds", and "Sundowning" show just what a truely gifted singer Beth Filla is and a great songwriter Andrew Chalfen is. The instrumentals such as "Cold Snap" and "Midvale" are testament to Chalfen's unique arpeggiated fnger-picking style.

Together these two albums, coming on the heels of 2006 critically-lauded "The Trolleyvox Present The Karaoke Meltdowns" show just how dynamic and creative this band is.

THE TROLLEYVOX PRESENT THE KARAOKE MELTDOWNS is the group’s 3rd full-lenth CD and features Beth Filla’s gorgeous vocals on top of Andrew Chalfen’s stand-out arpeggiated guitar work and memorable song-writing. More rocking than their critically acclaimed 2nd album Leap of Folly, KARAOKE MELTDOWNS is 13 hook-filled “soon-to-be-classics” of melancholy, freak-out and lusciousness.

Produced by longtime Trolleyvox producer/collaborator Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Lilys, Helium, Yo La Tengo, Hartley Goldstein) and Brian McTear (Mazarin, Bitter Bitter Weeks, The Pernice Brothers) these rich and melodic sonic journeys take on topics that cover all sorts of modern-day meltdowns – emotional, spiritual, relationship, political, societal, personal, technological … ".

A viral video was shot and produced for the first single "Just You Wait' by noted film-maker and artist Marc Brodzik of Woodshop Films. It can be viewed on the video page of this Sonicbids EPK.

Since its release in late Fall of 2006 the album has received airplay on over 200 college a


Le Fleur de Lys

Written By: Andrew Chalfen

Le Fleur de Lys

The valedictorian is kicking the door in
You need to get a new apartment
We got us a live one, and you're riding shotgun
He'll drive you right out of your head

Yeah you used to tread so cool
Back then no one could touch you
Light years out of school
Now you're stuck in reverse
With the king of the jerks

No food in the kitchen, just lies of omission
And every night you go to bed hungry
He'll show you the money
It's true 'cuz it's funny
Voulez vouz couchez avec moi -- ce soir!

Yeah you used to tread so cool
Back then no one could touch you
Light years out of school
Now you're down on yourself
And walking on eggshells

Your velveteen braveheart will fill up your dance card
With lessons in how to be lonely
You're mending defenses with anti-depressants
You've got yourself a Maginot Line

Yeah you used to tread so cool
Back then no one could touch you
Light years out of school
Now you've got him where he wants to be
Le fleur de lys
Copyright 2003 - Andrew Chalfen - Published by You're a Good Cat Music - BMI

I Know That You're High

Written By: (c) 2006 Andrew Chalfen - Published by You're a Good Cat Music (BMI)

The race track cellophane doll like
Don't be all goodnight
I know that you're high
I know that you're high
You lift up the hood of my life
See color and stars get lost then I
Know that you're high
I Know that you're high

And you can't be sure if
How you think of me is the key
To the dark and stormy wave
Of knowing how we could be

Your fr out pelican idea breaking in
Don't cry Double-O When
I know that you're high
I know that you're high
My last stop artichoke heartsick calico
So not jealous again
I know that you're high
I know that you're high
I got the headphones and the chromosomes
You're a southpaw up until when
I know that you're high
I know that you're high

I got a snowstorm like milkshake lovin'
Like sexed-up je ne sais yeah
I know that you're high
I know that you're high

Just You Wait

Written By: (c) 2006 Andrew Chalfen - Published by You're a Good Cat Music (BMI)

Just you wait for the hour
No thanks to the flowers that bend
All sold out to the oilmen
The end of days shill tears of the fire brigades
Greed will turn the planet to salt
Well that’s our hypocrite waltz

Just you wait for the hour
Their sins will wash us away
Bomb and bully on Flag Day
In the fat-cat mine, doing time is the only crime
Ball and chain what heaven allows
We’re deep in the thick of it now

Just you wait for the hour
The orphan rider of truth
Will come to the aid of our rescue
The fog of war won’t show its face no more
Drown the flames of the folly crusade
With the tears of the fire brigade
And end this cynical reign

This sorrow – oh baby tomorrow – it will end

Stomping Grounds

Written By: Andrew Chalfen

Old coins dated hundreds of years
Cars drive but nobody steers
Once I was wanderlost
By ancient hotels
Of iron and glass
Some nights I’m back in school
Speaking in tongues
Late for the bell
Late for the bell
Tresspass through foreign estates
I saved us from certain fate
Mostly I’m traveling
Trough fictional towns
Moss on the doorways
Strange dreams come beckoning
Weathered and strong
I follow them down
Follow them down


1999 - Ephemera for the Future - CD - Groove Disques

2002 - "Is Vic There?" Dept. S cover on "The Stiff Generation: Stiff Records Tribute Album" - Groove Disques

2002 - "Crows on a Phone Line" - Let's Active Cover on "Every Word" Let's Active Tribute Album on Lost Outlaw Records

2003 - Leap of Folly - CD - Groove Disques

2006 - October- The Trolleyvox Present the Karaoke Meltdowns - CD - Transit of Venus - Produced by longtime Trolleyvox producer Collaborator Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Helium, Madder Rose, Clem Snide). Played on over 185 college radio stations with top 30 charts on more than 40 of them and breaking into the CMJ (College Music Journal) top 200 ranking.

2007 - Late Summer/Early Fall - Double Disc Release - the first, a full band album produced by Brian McTear - (Bitter Bitter Weeks, Bigger Lovers, BC Camplight) and the second, an acoustic album, produced by Chris Unrath (Baby Flamehead, Wishniaks).

Set List

Sets are normally 45 minutes to 1 hour and consist almost entirely of Trolleyvox material off of the first three albums and the upcoming records with occasional covers such as the Who's "Our Love Was" and Department S's "Is Vic There?".

The Trolleyvox can play either as a full electric rock band (very loud guitars), or as an acoustic duo, trio or quartet. They often do instores and coffee-house gigs as a duo of Lead Singer Beth Filla and Songwriter/guitar-player back-up singer Andrew Chalfen. Preference is usually to play the full band electric version.