The Trots

The Trots


The Trots are four experienced musicians who share an interest in writing, producing and performing original music. The band delivers a back-beat driven and melodic groove.


David Yuille brings great songwriting skills to the band. As lead singer and guitarist, David has played in rock, blues soul and pop bands, covering the material of other artists. His final cover band, Airborne, was a 5-piece combo which included a brass section and B3 Hammond organ. Then David began writing songs for the new wave/punk band called The Universe. When The Universe imploded, David and its lead guitarist formed a writing team called Songs HQ, which led David to Toronto...where The Trots were born.

Richard Gaughan began performing in early high school, playing both sax and guitar in several cover bands. Once in University his tastes became more refined and he began playing The Dead Boys/Sex Pistols covers in a punk band called the Doll Heads. An opportunity to participate in a new band (Flying Colours) with original music presented itself, culminating in a top-ten finalist position in the CFNY Home Grown contest. A continued interest in writing and playing lead to the formation of The Trots, providing a perfect vehicle for his songwriting and driving guitar sounds.

Dave Hill is an accomplished bassist and luthier, and the newest member of The Trots. In addition to introducing his own material to the band, Dave brings great bass playing, vocals, and song-writing and indispensable technical expertise. Watch for his 2-string hockey stick bass on stage...

Darcy Pickering hails from such bands as Hungry Glass and CASBY-winner VIS-a-VIS. D'Arcy worked with Richard in Flying Colours and brings rock-solid drumming and arrangement to The Trots sound.


The Trots are completing their first CD, entitled 'When Nature Calls'. Stay tuned.

Set List

The band has over 25 quality original songs plus numerous covers in its repitoire. Typically we perform three 45 minute sets.