The Trouble!

The Trouble!

 Elgin, Illinois, USA

The Trouble! is a pop-punk band that writes concise, hooky songs about sex and monsters. In addition to writing songs with catchy choruses, the band also works hard to incoporate comedy into their live shows. Every line of every show is planned, and every show is unique.


The Trouble! was created with three goals in mind:

1) To write simple, hook-laden songs

2) To develop an entertaining show from start to finish

3) To incorporate other elements besides music into the band

After becoming tired of seeing local bands do very little to entertain audiences and potential new fans, The Trouble! wanted to create a show that captivated people's attention, by focusing on writing clever, coherent songs, as opposed to writing the most difficult instrumental parts possible. We realize that it takes more than three guys playing instruments in jeans and black tshirts for 45 minutes to keep a crowd entertained. To create a more captivating live experience, we decided to expand our horizons, and infuse more of our passions into our show. Since both of us are fans of horror and comedy, it made sense to incorporate those aspects into our band. Every song is centered around horror, and most songs are centered around horror, and sex (after all, we are still men). However, we take our horror/comedy/rock very seriously; The Trouble! takes a no-nonsense approach to nonsense.


The Bliss EP (2010) All four songs from the EP are streaming on our Facebook page.

The Slasher Song music video. This is also streaming on our Facebook page.