The Trucks

The Trucks


Overtop the snappy drum machine and 1980’s futuristic synth lie infectious, if overtly seductive, quips that empower the Suzie Quatro in all of us.


“No I won’t sit nice and be quiet!”

And neither will you, not if the ladies of The Trucks have anything to do with it. On stage, this chic-posse offers an astonishing contradiction between matter and spirit; four cutesy geek-girls pumping macho fists and commanding their audience “you like us, you love us/ you like us, you love us.” That kind of sassy confidence is catching, whether or not you like it or love it.

After the 2006 release of The Trucks first self-titled CD from Clickpop Records, jubilant guys and girls spent their pretty pennies in support of the pacific northwest-based all-lady foursome. And the kids were not disappointed. Pacesetters like and already recognize The Trucks as a regional favorite, while NPR’s Milo Miles admonished praise for the “rebel girls who don’t want to sound like the boys.”

Over the past year and a half The Trucks have appeared at the Sasquatch Music Festival and CMJ’s Music Marathon, grinding gears along side the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Harvey Danger. Last March, they hit the crowds at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where their mix of electro-pop-punk rallied through four nearly back-to-back shows. The parade of festival gigs culminated in Seattle with The Trucks’ September show at Bumbershoot, North America’s largest urban arts and music festival.

Collectively, the ladies of The Trucks manipulate plain-Jane thoughts on bikes, guns, love, and well, trucks. Onstage Kristin Allen-Zito (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Marissa Moore (Vocals, Keyboards, Xylophone), Faith Reichel (bass, vocals), and Lindy McIntyre (drums) power through sets that steer through the genres of Electro-pop, dance music, punk, and indie rock. Add lace, pleather, bows, pantyhose and punctuating screams worthy of Jamie Lee Curtis, and there you have it, a 4-dimensional performance looking directly into the heart/engine of The Trucks. Not that these girls brake for cute.

To discover the music of The Trucks is to stumble upon a pastel colored candy with “EAT ME” scrawled across its surface—listening will make you grow bigger or smaller depending on your ego. Lyrics like “I use my hands because I like it/ Guns aren’t bad they’re just not quiet” simultaneously stroke their sweet-and-tough disposition while at the same time itching the back of your moral fiber. More striking is how vividly the scene of each song is set, from ominous fairytales to tragic dance ballads like “Come Back” and “Zombie Cha Cha.” The Trucks perfectly juxtapose synth-punk dance mixes with an irreverent humor and vulnerability that stands up to repeated listening.

Dual keyboards play-up The Trucks’ synth-rock sound while the simplicity of Marissa’s xylophone distributes a playful and sometimes ominous plunking throughout sets. Add a solid punk-bass and marching drum rhythms and there you have it, electro-pop meets northwest indie rock. These songs are contrasted with modern versions of pop genius in the vein of Cyndi Lauper or The Bangles. The effect is sometimes nursery rhyme, sometimes dance ballad, usually very danceable, and always that of sassy girls having tons of fun in tune with/at the expense of everything they lay their minds on.

Earlier this spring, after announcing a remix contest for their song “Titties,” The Trucks plowed through 40-plus entries selecting the top five to appear on their Titties Remix EP. Along with a censored version and the original demo, the 7-track EP appears in stores this fall via Clickpop Records. The remix selections are abundant in diversity and generous in their vision. Titties epitomizes The Trucks’ catchy, frolicsome, “get out of my way” dynamic. It also reinforces their ability to lay the smack down: “So you think that we'll make out/ in that piece of shit car you drive/ ugh-ugh-ugh- no way!” Their kind of frank sexuality is not in gear with your momma’s burn-your-bra feminism; The Trucks are more likely to wear bra and panties, proudly, outside their dress.

The Trucks formed in 2003 as a response to the need for more female bands to play a music festival at the state university in Bellingham, Wash. Despite starting out with just a toy xylophone, a bass, and an old Casio keyboard - Kristin, Marissa, and Faith soon proved that they were the band to fill the gender gap in the local rock scene. With the addition of a live drummer – their electro punk sound became more powerful.

Following the release of their first CD in 2006, the ladies hit the road including several west coast tours, a short east coast tour and appearances at several conferences and festivals including CMJ (NYC), SXSW (Austin, TX), Sasquatch (WA), and Bumbershoot (Seattle). In the fall of 2007 - after a kickoff show at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe, The Trucks are head out a six week national tour, representing tough for the Northwest music scene. No doubt The Trucks will enlarge their already serious following of wannabe fifth wheels. Their timeless sound is


The Trucks (self-titled) - October 2006
"Titties" remix EP - Fall 2007

Set List

30-45 minute set. All originals.