The True Jacqueline

The True Jacqueline

 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Loud, blaring, intelligent indie rock with diverse grooves. Compare to Dinosaur Jr., The New Pornographers, Shapes And Sizes, Yo La Tengo, Low.


The True Jacqueline is an indie-rock band from Northampton, MA featuring Noah Stevralia, Kate Niemczyk, and Brian DiPippo. With charming twee vocals, unexpected time changes, and a solid rock foundation, The True Jacqueline offer twisty and unusual arrangements that always remain melodic. Their songs can be both campy and heartfelt; they write about life, pop culture, historical, and scientific subjects. The True Jacqueline have shared the stage with The War On Drugs, Bishop Allen, and Sam Roberts Band. Their eclectic sound allows them to pair well with many different bands. In 2009, tagged the band as one of “7 undiscovered rock bands worth a listen.”


EP: Major-minor-okay!
LP: Nice Bird
EP: Things Under Water