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"A River Inside - KMUD review"

"Wow... Beautiful." - KMUD Redwood Community Radio

""Everything is Alright" Single - Fan Response"

As usual, your incredibly inspiring, uplifting, heartfelt music moved my soul - thank you! I love the new single!!! - Jennifer

""Everything is Alright" Single - Musician Response"

Hey, I like the song! And you are absolutely right, you have been doing some serious vocal work, Great job! - Christie Wyatt

"A River Inside - earbuzz review"

John Tyler Garcia's CD, "A River Inside", is a dedicated musical pop trip to help the rainforest. The title track is a finely crafted and happy ditty - with perfection in production as Garcia's choice of instruments is unique and designed as a fine meal - from the moving bass line with a deep powerful move - nearly hip hop range from what is said to be a bass violin - combined with a drum track that locks with the acoustic guitar. Percussion clicks througout - with finesse. The most glorious aspect of the song, however, are the vocals. John Tyler Garcia has a voice that lands somewhere between Stipes and whoever sang lead for Devo - add in a sensibility that is about as singsongy as Peter, Paul, but not Mary. It's just right for this music and endearing. Equally as brilliant is female vocalist, Denise Castleton, who does an artist's job of nurturing Garcia's lead. .all the while cutting a path for her own voice that is Sinead O'Conner/Cranberries angelic but with a compassion that's maternal and not political. Great stuff. -


LP - A River Inside: Solo album by John-Tyler Garcia of acoustic world music dedicated to the Amazon Rainforest.



John-Tyler Garcia (“Tyler”) is a musician with an international upbringing. He came of age in the Grateful Dead scene, where he had his first of multiple experiences of spiritual awakening. He was forever touched when he experienced the oneness of all things in the universe as the mystical origin of all life. He was inspired with a mission to use music to share this realization with the whole world.

Tyler was a forest activist for years working for the Redwoods and later for the Amazon before finally dedicating himself single-mindedly to music. It was deep in the Amazon rainforest, in the middle of a month-long ayahuasca ceremony, that Tyler was stung by a stingray and bedridden to a hammock. Unable to participate in the plant medicine ceremonies, he spent his time studying Hua Ching Ni’s translations of the Tao Te Ching and Hua Hu Ching and focusing on his breath. It was then that he had an amazing experience. His mind became like crystal clear water and free of the ongoing chatter of thought and he experienced a small taste of enlightenment.

In 1999 he put together an electric jam-band called “Origin,” which experienced a brief but very successful life locally in Sonoma County. The band played many well-attended gigs in the county in 2000 and 2001 including the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Hall and the Harmony Festival, and enjoyed a loyal following. That group was not meant to be, though, and it ended up disbanding in 2001. In the meantime Tyler had begun creating his solo CD project.

This new album “A River Inside” is now being released to the public in 2008! says of the album, “…perfection in production as Garcia's choice of instruments is unique and designed as a fine meal… Great stuff.” It is an acoustic world music journey inspired by the Tao Te Ching & dedicated to the Amazon. The project includes field recordings by Tyler of the forest, and 12 full length original songs of Tyler’s in a variety of musical styles from Rock’n’roll and Folk to Reggae, Trance, Bloco Afro, Samba, Andean, Rumba, and more. Altogether on the project Tyler himself played up to 40 different instruments, and he arranged and produced the album himself.

Now Tyler is working to build a new jam-band to continue the spirit of his mission. His intention is to bring the jam-band phenomenon back to its spiritual roots and he has renamed his new band project as “The True Origin,” which more profoundly conveys his artistic concept.

While developing the band he will be performing as a solo musician. He calls the current style of his solo performance “Jam-Folk,” performing with voice and guitar, and offers a message of pure positivity hoping to inspire a great renewal for all of humanity: a peaceful spiritual revolution.

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