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"Local band to compete in Dallas"

BENTON COUNTY — Fans can hear them on iTunes and in at least one local concert hall.

Now fans of the local band The Truth About Moviestars can hear the group of high-school students in a live concert near Dallas. The band, which its members describe as “ indie pop rock, ” won a chance to compete for a fullstage spot at the Collide Festival ’ 07. The festival is one of several held throughout the country that features bands selected by fans on the festival’sWeb site.

Bands submit a recording of one of their songs, which is uploaded to the festival’s Web site, Tiffany Savage explained. Savage’s son, Kylan, is in the band, and she serves as the band’s manager. Fans are given one chance each to vote on who they would like to see at the regional festivals.

The winners of that competition compete against four other bands, using their one submitted song to determine which band gets to perform a full song set on the main stage during the festival. The festival, on June 8-10, is like the Woodstock of Christian music in that it is several days long, is outdoors and allows participants to camp out on the concert grounds.

“ They will be performing in front of industry professionals (for the final competition ), ” Tiffany Savage said.

Band members are as follows:

• Kylan Savage: lead vocals and acoustic guitar;

• Jonathan Pantall: base guitar and violin;

• Josh Michael: lead guitar and backup vocals; and

• Brad Stallcup: drums and keyboards.

The band’s name comes from a quote in the movie “ Singin’ in the Rain, ” Kylan Savage explained.

“ It means that movies stars are just like everyone else, ” he said.

The band started as a small acoustic project, and slowly, the other band members joined and added their music stylings. The band members are Christians, and the festival is sponsored by a Christian company, but the band’s music is secular. The festival allows for secular bands with clean lyrics to compete.

The band will spend much of its time practicing until it’s time to leave for the festival, the members agreed. They will also perform live several times, including at the Pontiac Coffeehouse at 7 p. m. Tuesday. The Pontiac is on U. S. Highway 71 Business in Springdale.

The band’s CD, “ A Family Norman Rockwell Would be Proud Of” can be found on iTunes.

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"Collide Festival"

Collide festival cancelled
June 7, 2007 - The Collide festival, scheduled for this weekend near Bells has been cancelled. The rainy weather has left the area too wet, thereby causing the cancellation. 25,000 tickets had been sold and local people were anxious to hear The Truth About Moviestars band. It happens that this band has a member and manager with deep Leonard roots. The Savage family of Leonard has a young man that is a nephew, cousin and grandson, all rolled into one, in the group. Kylan Savage lived in Leonard in his younger years and has visited many times over the years while living elsewhere. Kylan’s mother, Tiffany, is the manager for the group. His dad, Chris, was born and raised in Leonard and graduated from LHS.

Although all the band members are Christians, they also sing clean secular music and were auditioned and chosen over three other bands. Kylan said, “Our name means that movie stars are just like everyone else.”

Band members are Kylan- lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Jonathan Pantall-bass guitar and violin, Josh Michael-lead guitar and backup vocals and Brad Stallcup-drums and keyboard. The band’s CD, “A Family Norman Rockwell Would be Proud Of” can be found on iTunes.

Although the Collide festival has been rescheduled for June 12, 2008, the band will still be traveling to the Dallas area to make three other engagements. They will be one of four bands to be on the Theatre Stage at The Door, in Deep Ellum on Thursday night, June 7, with doors open at 7 p.m. and the first band will take the stage at 7:30 p.m. Cost is $10 at the door. For directions and location go to They will also play at The Boiler Room coffee house in Sherman on Saturday, June 9 at 8 p.m. and will lead worship for the youth at First Baptist Church of Sherman on Sunday, June 10.
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"Band of the Week"

Band of the Week

Posted on 03 July 2008

The Truth About Moviestars
Band members and instruments: Kylan Savage, lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar; Brad Stallcup, drums; Grant Stallcup, bass
Band born: September 2006
Type of music: Indie/Acoustic/Pop
Originals or covers: Originals
Sounds like: Acoustic led Indie music with a pop flair. Hard to compare the sound with other bands
Songwriter’s muse: Old movies and 1940s radio shows
Influences: Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard. Confessional, WHAM, Jesus
Accomplishments: Nominated NAMA Best New Band in 2008. Voted to play at Collide Fest in Dallas in 2007 for a crowd of more than 20,000. Won Kansas City YIA Battle of the Bands in 2007
What kind of crowd do you draw: All ages seem to enjoy our music and we have a large high school following across the U.S.
When and where do you practice: We practice weekly in the lead singer’s garage or at our drummer’s house in his practice room.
Any albums: “Songs for Rainy Weather” EP; “A Family Norman Rockwell Would Be Proud Of” EP; full length album “Black and White Affair” coming out soon.
Total number of tattoos and piercings: Zero.
Back stage ritual: We always pray in the bathroom (if one is close) before we go on stage
Funniest or strangest thing that ever happened during a performance: We played in Tulsa one weekend and had a drunk homeless man dance in front of the stage with our manager!
Plans: Summer Texas tour and Playing in Nashville in July
Goals: To continue to play together and grow as musicians, get signed to a reputable label and tour around the U.S.
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Via Maris-2010
Good Morning, Good Evening EP-2009
Black and White Affair EP-2008



'''The Truth About Moviestars''' is an acoustic, indie pop band from Bentonville, Arkansas, consisting of vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist Kylan Savage and Bassist Tanner Evans. They have released three EPs, and are currently working on a full-length album, slated for November 2010.

After working with temporary act, The Ways of Fate, Kylan Savage began his own band in June 2006, playing material he created during his involvement with The Ways of Fate. September is marked as the official beginning of the band when Brad Stallcup, Johnny Pantall, and Josh Mitchael joined, playing drums, bass, and lead guitar, respectively. The group established their name through playing local shows around northwest Arkansas. The band recorded their first EP, ''A Family Norman Rockwell Would Be Proud Of'', in January 2007 and it was released two months later.

June of 2007 saw the departure of bassist, Johnny Pantall, due to migraines. He was replaced by Justin Slavens during the band's transition to a more pop-punk sound. Their touring expanded as they began playing out of state at venues in Missouri and Oklahoma. The Truth About Moviestars entered the studio to record their second EP in Autumn 2007. ''The Black and White Affair'' was recorded in between three studios, including Winterwood Studios working with producer Eric T. Schabacker. While recording the EP, Josh Mitchael and Justin Slavens left in December 2007, causing the band to go on hiatus. They started back up when Brad's younger brother, Grant Stallcup, joined as bassist. Not seeking a replacement lead guitarist, the band finished recording ''the Black and White Affair'' and released it in May 2008. The following year yielded more touring for the band, including opening for Shane Claiborne on the Jesus For President Tour.

The band now consists of Kylan Savage, Tanner Evans on bass, and Josh Olson on guitar.