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The Tug Fork River Band

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | INDIE
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" Review"

Do you like southern rock, and heavy metal? If so, The Tug Fork River Band from Indianapolis, Indiana is for you. It's been three years since the band released their last album Catch for Us, the Metal on Wounded Records. Now, the boys are back with the Vulture EP and they've decided to go the independent route this time around.

One thing I instantly noticed is that the new music is more metal than southern rock, although the southern sound is clearly heard on every song. I also noticed that the band has grown in the playing skills and this album is harder, more aggressive, and overall a tighter album than their previous two efforts. The guitar reminds me of the newer The Showdown albums. There's plenty of nasty southern riff-age on Vulture. Justin and Brian (guitar and bass respectively) combine the metal and southern rock sounds smoothly and flawlessly throughout the almost 20 minutes of music on the EP. It's some of the hardest southern rock I've heard lately and is so unique right now. Derek's drumming adds a dynamic to the music that really brings home the heavier edge to the music, as well as respecting that old-school southern rock drumming sound. The band isn't reinventing the wheel on Vulture, but they may have put some rockets on the thing for sure.

Aaron Quinn does more metal vocals than the sing/scream southern rock vocals we're used to with some of the bands out there. His vocals have matured, and never let up. He brings the intensity of the music to every song. I've noticed there are fewer clean vocals on this release, which just adds to the transition to the heavier, more furious sound the band has gone on for the new release. The one place where the band really excels is in the lyrics. The opening track "Ex Wives" has some very passionate lyrics about the condition of the church today; "When the flames consume this ship/I'll bet we all are lost in the worship of ourselves as we slowly sink into the ocean of our wealth and greed/Churches without walls are guaranteed never to fall." One excerpt that really spoke to me, because I myself was on the fence about my faith in Christ for so long came in the song "Piggly Wiggly"; "I feel I'm neither hot nor cold/I'm lukewarm in the mouth of the Lord/So spit me out and send me straight to hell/Remind me exactly where I fell/I'd Drown myself in the river if it meant I could wash myself clean/I'd hammer nails through my hands if it meant I could be set free." Another song that had a very powerful message was "Carne Diem" in which Aaron screams "We all look the same/But we don't act much different/How do we expect anyone to listen?" This is very true for what I call Sunday Morning Christians. If we don't act differently than the people we're trying to reach how can we expect them to listen to us?

Overall: I was thoroughly impressed by the growth and maturity of The Tug Fork River Band on their new release, Vulture. Musically it's the best thing the band has done thus far, and is so much heavier than I ever anticipated. Vocally, Aaron has taken some big steps forward and really brought some intensity and passion to the very powerful message of the five songs on the EP. This is EP has better lyrics, and like I said, a more powerful message than anything I've heard from the metal genre in quite some time. It's a shame the band isn't signed and won't get more recognition because this EP is that good!

Rating: 8/10

- Michael Small

" Review"

I came across these guys a few years ago when a copy of their release Catch For Us the Metal came across my desk. I was immediately intrigued by their unique blending of metalcore and southern rock and over the years have revisited that album on more than one occasion. When I received their latest disc, Vulture, I popped it in, kicked back and began listening, expecting more of the same. After the first few notes I had to stop and see if this was indeed the same band; I was literally blown away. This is so much heavier, aggressive and more cohesive than their previous work.

After confirming it was indeed The Tug Fork River Band I eagerly returned to listen to the remainder of the disc, then replayed the whole thing numerous times until I had my fill. I have a hard time believing these guys aren't yet signed, because Vulture is honestly better than about seventy-five percent of the CDs I've already listened to this year. About the only downfall with this disc is the length. I found that five songs and nineteen minutes is not enough; I want more. I would highly recommend checking out this EP; it's bone-crushing affair you won’t want to miss. - Bruce Moore

" Review"

Catch For Us The Metal is the debut release for Wounded Records recording artist The Tug Fork River Band. These guys have an interesting band name with even more out of the ordinary song titles such as “Bad Intentions For A Billy Goat” and “Duct Tape Fixes Errthing.” I was a bit leery when I popped it in my player.

Don’t let any of the titling fool you though. What awaits the listener is a straight forward no holds barred Metal Record with a southern fried flair that is really a good listen. The Tug Fork River Band really bring a lot to the table on their first disc by mixing things up and keeping each and every track fresh and inventive. At times, they can be inexorably heavy as in the tune ‘Pound, Explode, Pound Pound, Explode,” which is driven by a chugging, monster guitar riff that will no doubt get the neck a snapping in no time at all. The band changes it up on the very next song “Amazing Grace (House Of The Rising Sun)” which is a subdued combination of the Bird’s song “House Of The Rising Sun and the classic spiritual hymn “Amazing Grace,” a very interesting amalgamation that believe it or not works quite well. By far my favorite tune on this disc is “Date Of Birth.” This tune is a slow grinder with a killer riff very much in the southern metal vein.

In terms of lyrical content the passionate and at times angst laced contemplative soul-searching lyrics are visceral and geared towards a more positive message than the formulaic negative and abrasive metal attitude that is so readily evident in the metal scene.

This is the bands debut release and they are clearly out to demonstrate they have what it takes to attain longevity. Catch For Us Some Metal is a solid CD packed with good songs that absolutely deserve a listen.

Rating System

Thrash Magazine's overall rating system is based on the following criteria. The Tug Fork River Band received a 8.9 because of the following:

Instrumental Rating (1-30): 26
Vocal Rating (1-30): 26
Lyrical Rating (1-25): 24
Presentation Rating (1-15): 13 - Thrash Magazine

"Xone Music Review"

Rating: 8 out of 10
By C.W. Ross

Busting out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and defining their music as ‘Heavy Southern Metal,’ is the band, The Tug Fork River Band.

The band has been together now for a little over 2 years. Their lineup is, Aaron Quinn (vocals), Justin Foxworth (guitar), Brian Dukes (bass) and David Leap (drums).

Catch For Us the Metal is the full-length debut release for the band on the Wounded Records label.

Southern rock and metal music mixed together might sound like a mismatch of styles but The Tug Fork River Band makes it work. While most of their music is straight ahead ramped up metal the band does manage to mix in a Southern rock flair on several of the songs found on this CD.

The band list Lynyrd Skynyrd as one of their musical influences and I’m guessing that’s where the Southern rock part of their sound comes from, don’t get me wrong though this release is about 80% filled with straight up metal music. The metal part comes from the musical influence of bands like, Metallica, and Pantera.

The band uses a mixture of both straight up singing vocals along with some scream vocals in the songs depending on that particular song’s need.

Track-1, the title track, “Catch for Us the Metal,” is a 1:42 metal guitar and drum instrumental appetizer that warms up the musical palette for what lays ahead.

Track-2 “Canadian Geese Ain’t American,” is one of those songs mentioned that has a Southern rock vibe. In this song it’s sandwiched between moments of grinding metal music. Track-8 “Bleeding Tree,” is another song with a big Southern rock influence. The song starts out sounding almost like an opening of a Skynyrd song then moves more towards metal as it progresses.

While most of the tracks feature thrashing metal guitars and heavy drum beats the band did include one ballad on this release track-7, “Amazing Grace (House of the Rising Sun).” The track combines the song, “House Of The Rising Sun,” made famous by the Birds, along with probably the best known hymn, “Amazing Grace.” The result is a nice melodic track that lets you set back and catch your breath from the previous metal track.

That track mentioned above is, “Pound, Explode, Pound, Pound, Explode,” a song with an unusual, but very appropriate name. That pounding in the song comes in the form of big, thick, guitar parts.

The release ends like it started with track-11, “Metal the Us for Catch,” a cleverly titled instrumental that acts like a nice mint at the end of a good meal wrapping things up nicely.

Catch For Us the Metal is a CD for those of you who like your metal with a breading of Southern fried goodness. - Xone Music

" review"

Instead of sounding like every other head banging outfit, these guys manage to make it sound fresh and unique. GREAT BASS production...this player kicks you in the guts everytime that low e is touched. Overall, the guitars are excellently played and mixed in the track. I like this band and I think I'm not the only one that will.
- reviewer from

"Interview by WMM"

What bands did you listen to while growing up?

Well, it is sort of hard for me to answer for everyone. However, when I first started getting into music of my own choice, some of the guys that would eventually be in Haste the Day got me involved with bands like P.O.D., Project 86, Extol, Living Sacrafice, Zao, etc. I shared a lot of those bands with Brian (the bassist). Later on in school we (David and Brian) met Justin and Aaron at school and they were into Haste the Day when they played a bunch of bigger local shows, Brian and I had seen them at their earlier shows because we had become friends with them. In summer 2004, I went to Cornerstone and got more into the "tough" aspect of hardcore and began to like bands such as Comeback Kid, Stretch Arm Strong, Figure 4, Hatebreed, xDisciplex A.D. etc. We all began to take similar interests in bands but also have our own separate interests. I know the other guys listened to other bands like AC/DC and Metallica, Ace of Base, etc. I was not allowed to listen to music on the radio (except Christian stations) until I was already in Jr. High, so I had little knowledge of bands like that. Currently, as a band, we have a lot of influences that range all over the place, none of us really like to limit our musical influences.

And in what way did they inspire you?

The bands I mentioned earlier, most of them being Christian bands, inspired all of us (individually) as Christians but also as musicians. We all tried different ways to express our faith, and I believe this was and is the best median we had available to us. Those, and other bands inspired us more on a musician level, but the earlier Christian bands gave us a platform. Also, there were several bands who made a stand for something and eventually for whatever reasons were no longer standing behind those beliefs. We felt that this was something we were called to do but to make sure we stayed true to those convictions we already had.

When did the band form?

The Tug Fork River band formed sometime in 2006. Although I do not know a real "formation date", it was formed more or less out of two bands that shared members. One of the bands eventually dissolved leaving one to still do shows. However, in late 2005, we knew that the one band was going to be ending by summer 2006, so we started getting ideas and trying to create a name and start writing some music when chances arose. The band formed with Brian, the bassist from "as I you", and with three members that were involved in both "as I you" and "Finding Exodus", David (drums), Justin (guitar/bass), and Nathan (guitar). We also needed a vocalist, and we called upon the Finding Exodus vocalist Aaron. Due to later situations, Nathan left the band after he had been married and joined the Air Force. The rest of us continued to work behind the scenes as "as I you" was starting to play their final shows. The Tug Fork River Band really started to take place as the "offical" band in fall of 2006.

How did its members meet?

Brian and I had been friends since 6th grade and we had tried starting several projects, but only "as I you" really took off. Justin and Aaron were friends because Justin and Nathan were brothers and Nathan and Aaron were best friends. Eventually Justin and Aaron had a good friendship going on. In late high school, Brian and I met Justin, which eventually led to us meeting Nathan and Aaron as well. We have done "as I you" and "Finding Exodus" sharing memebers for quite a while and we all ended up becoming really good friends from the two bands.

How would you describe your music?

Heavy Southern Metal is the best description. We have so many personal influences that we carry into the band that it somehow all managaes to get involved. We have some death metal parts, some hardcore parts, very southern ballad parts, etc. Really, the best way to say it is to check out our myspace www. and hear our stuff on there, or go check out our E.P. we have and we will have a full length coming out on Wounded Records (projectively) in May 2009.

Are you a Christian band or Christians in a band?

We are definitely both, but we focus on being a Christian band. We really have felt that God has called us to use this as a ministry. I would not do this for any other reason, because I do not think any other reason in good enough to put family/friends/work/school on the line. It is just us trying to be obedient to Jesus' call for our lives at the current moment. We also make sure to do devotions when we have our normal practices as well. We pray before every show, and talk to people at the show. We do not want to shove anything down anyone's throats, but we make it pretty clear what we stand for.

What other recording projects or bands have you been involved with?

Well, I already mentioned that all four members have come from either "as I you" or "Finding Exodus" somehow. "as I you" was really the only band that had any releases. The upcoming cd in May 2009 will be Tug Fork's second release, but first on Wounded. We did an E.P. on our own that came out last spring.

Are you satisfied with the way your last recording turned out?

Overall, yes I am very pleased with it, and I am sure the rest of the band is too. The guy that recorded our E.P. was willing to do a lot of extra work and stuff for us to do the full-length with him. We spent a lot of time just trying out some new things in post production and new programs he had bought to do recording. We loved what he did with the E.P. so we were sure we were going to be pleased with the full-length. Personally, I think it is one of the better sounding/quality recordings I have heard from a smaller studio. He is great though, if anyone is interested you should check it out. His studio is called Threshold Studios and is in Indianapolis.

What would you change about the project if given the opportunity?

The only thing I would really want to change is maybe have more time to have played around with post production and things like that. Just to hear other possibilities that would have been available.

Do you have plans to issue a full length album?

Yes, the full length should be out in May 2009 sometime. It will be available at Hot Topic, Best Buy, FYE, Wounded Records, and us of course. The E.P. is currently available from us.

How do you rate your live performances?

I think we have an interesting live performance. We move around a lot like most bands, but we also do a "special performance" for our song Bleeding Tree. We changed the song up a bit from how it was on the E.P. and added an interesting twist to our live performance of it. I would love to tell you what it is…but I guess you will just have to check us out to find out. However, I have heard a few instances where people tell us that our live show is what hooked them in the first place. I guess it is up to everyone's own opinion, but I think it is entertaining.

Which type of gigs do you prefer, church hall/bible college circuit or the regular pub/club or festivals?

We like them all, but festivals are always fun, it gives us a chance to meet a lot of new people and bands. As much as we enjoy playing at churches and things of that nature, we also really like to be able to get into the secular circuit. Our mission is to be able to share Jesus with others, without shoving it down their throats, but being very serious and real about it. I have seen a few bands that I know are Christians that will say something like, "Jesus loves you, if you have any questions, come talk to us." Although that is not a bad thing, we feel that we are called to give it more than that. We were called to this for a reason, and we want to make sure that we do what we feel God called us to do. The best way to do this, is to be playing more secular shows and sharing with those who do not believe. Although, we enjoy playing at churches because it gives us encouragment for what we are doing, playing in secular venues makes us feel like we are more able to achieve our calling. But yeah, like I said, we like doing them all. No matter where we are, I feel like we are able to do some ministry for God, even if it is just encouragement for a struggling brother/sister in Christ or being able to be there for someone who is hurting very deeply and is not a believer.

What advice would you give to fellow bands that are starting out?

Keep with it, no matter what. The first band you start may not take off or really get anywhere, but do not let that discourage you. Check out Jeremiah 29:11, that might help give some direction on that aspect. However, take a lot of time to practice, and do not play new material before you are ready. "as I you" did that a few times, and it normally turned out in a disaster. Also, when at venues, make sure the drummer has a monitor of some kind, it can save quite a bit of embarassment or avoid a lot of mistakes of getting off from each other.

Any final comments?

We really want to thank Wounded for recognizing our calling from Christ, and enabling us to do it in a bigger and better way. Also, thanks to any of the bands that have encouraged, admonished, and helped us out in any way, we would not be the people we are today without you.

"JTIndie Interview"

We are continuing with the series of interviews. I consider myself to be very lucky, not only do I get to play some of the best Indie music out there but I also get to interview some extremely talented artists as well. Wounded Records has been a long time supported of JTICMP, going all the way back to Episode#10.

Today we are sitting down and getting to know one of Wounded Records newest bands. With an incredible sound and great message The Tug Fork River Band is clearly a group of artist to keep your eyes on, and with a CD set to come out in the upcoming year be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this band at the summer festivals. So let us get to it and find out what makes this talented group tick.

[JT] - Could you tell me about the people in your band?
First off, I’m Brian I play Bass. Then we have Justin who plays guitar, David plays drums and finally Aaron is our vocalist

[JT] - How did you all meet and how long have been playing together?
David and I met when we were in Jr High and tried to get a band going together for a while and finally we got something going there. Then in High School we met Justin and Aaron who were in a band together and David and I got Justin to join that band. Eventually both bands called it quits and David, Aaron Justin and myself started the Tug Fork River Band

[JT] - Where did the name of your band come from?
Our band name is actually the name of the river that divided the Hatfields and McCoys during their infamous feud.

[JT] - Why did you decide to enter the Christian Music Scene?
We didn’t really “decide” to enter it, it was more of what we felt we are called to do. Especially over this past summer and our subsequent signing to Wounded we feel that GOD is calling us to a ministry through our music.

[JT] - How would you describe your sound
The way I like to describe our sound is Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) meets 80’s Metallica. We take like the groovey southern rock feel and mix it with some down right good thrashy deathy metal. It may not make sense on paper, so just go listen to our stuff on myspace and you’ll hear what I’m trying to say.

[JT] - Who are some of your musical influences?
Personally: Once Nothing, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 80’s Metallica, MxPx, Everytime I Die, Ace of Base, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, the Showdown, Haste the Day, Ben Folds, Impending Doom to name a few.

The Band as a Whole: Once Nothing, Trivium, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, the Showdown, Impending Doom, White Chapel, Lyrnyrd Skynyrd, CCR, Everytime I Die

[JT] - Can you tell me a little about your (individual) musical upbringing?
Aaron has been singing since he was a child and sometime in Jr High/High School he learned to play guitar and I’m pretty sure he can play the piano too.

David has been playing drums and percussion since he was a kid. His entire family is very musical, both his parents play(ed) percussion as well as a slew of other instruments. He also played tuba for a while as well as playing bass and guitar.

Justin played violin for a while in school and took that knowledge over to learning guitar and bass. I know he wants to learn to play piano, drums and tons of other instruments but he hasn’t started that yet.

Brian, I played viola when I was in Jr High and soon after David and I became friends he and his dad started teaching me how to play bass.

[JT] - How did you all come together as a band?
We all went to High School together and were in bands together and separately then and after high school. Eventually all our bands dissolved so we started this one.

[JT] - Do you consider what you are doing to be your ministry? What kinds of other things are you currently involved in?
Yes we do very much so, that is why we are in this band to spread GOD’s word and love to all who will listen.
We are all active in our Churchs’ David and I play on the worship team at our church. We all 4 work full times and Justin, David and I are also in school part to full time.

[JT] - Could you tell me about your spiritual Upbringing?
Sure, I didn’t go to church as a child. It wasn’t that my parents don’t believe its just they weren’t active in their faith. Infact I wasn’t even sure about all that “GOD” stuff until I met David and some other friends in Jr High and High School. Thats when GOD worked in me and through others and showed me he was real. I started my relationship with him and from then it hasn’t been a walk in the park, but GOD has always taken care of me.

[JT] - Your EP is called “The Dirty Dirty” how did this title come about, and what is the inspiration behind it?
Everytime I Die released a cd this year called the Big Dirty and they are one of our influences and so we were joking around once about parody cd names and so thats how we came up with it.

[JT] - Can you tell me about your song “Bad intentions of a Billy Goat“
Its about never giving up when you have something holding you back. The title comes from an old rumor that a billy goat is one of the many reasons why the Chicago Cubs are cursed from ever winning a world series.

[JT] - Where do you find inspiration for you music?
GOD, what we are listening to at the time, anywhere and everywhere honestly

[JT] - Was there any one person or one moment that changed your life?
Other than Jesus, not that I can think of.

[JT] - What advice would give to artists/bands that are just starting out?
Practice as much as possible and play whenever wherever you can and when you are playing live give it 110%, don’t worry about what you look like, just focus on having a good time and doing what you love

[JT] - How did you get involved with Wounded Records?
We met them at Cornerstone 2007 through our friends in Neviah Nevi. We kept in contact with them over the next year and at Cornerstone 2008 we met up and talked some more and they came out to see us play once and thought we would make a good addition to their awesome lineup of bands.

[JT] - What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about touring?
Meeting new people and sharing GOD with them and hanging out with them and all that stuff.

[JT] - What do you find to be the hardest thing about touring?
We haven’t done much touring yet, but from what we have done, its the long drives, little sleep and having shows cancelled. That sucks the most having a show get cancelled.

[JT] - What do you find most exciting about the writing and recording process?
I like hearing the final song recorded and just thinking about how far its come since we began working on it. Knowing that it started a riff or a progression and then it turning into a complete song we practice and then having it recorded and able to thump it in my car its awesome.

[JT] - On your Myspace page you talk about being in the studio to record. What can you tell us about the new project?
Well, as I’m typing this we have the music for the CD completely recorded, we just need to do some final edits and mixes on it then they are complete and we are doing vocals this week. So we are hoping to have it done and into the hands of Bryant and Tanja Duncan of Wounded Records, our label, by mid December. We are hoping for a mid May release of the CD so that we can tour and hit up some of the festivals this summer with it.

[JT] - What has God been teaching you lately?
More like what hasn’t GOD been teaching me lately. We have been doing a devotional as a band after every practice and it has been a really good way to bring us all closer together and closer to GOD for sure.

[JT] - Are there any artists, producers, etc. that you would like to work with?
Work with for the record, i don’t know i can’t really think of anyone off the top of my head. Someone cool though that would only enhance us as people and musicians.

[JT] - Who are some of the artists that you have enjoyed sharing the stage with?
Our friends from Neviah Nevi are always fun to play with as well as the dudes from Of the Son.

[JT] - What music have you been listening to?
Lately, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, the new Haste the Day, the new Underoath, Bury Your Dead, White Chapel, Impending Doom, Between the Burried and Me, Unearth

[JT] - What do you guys do to relax TV, Games, xbox 360?
Justin and I both like to read. We all like to hang out with our girlfriends and other friends. We all watch TV and movies, listen to music, play our instruments. You know, typical guy stuff.

[JT] - What are your favorite movies/books/TV Shows?
Book: currently Going All the Way by Daniel Wakefield
Movie: Goonies, Star Wars IV-VI, the LOTRs, Stargate, Point Break, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead
TV Shows: I absolutely love the Stargate Series, both SG-1 and Atlantis, the 4400, I’ve been watching Heroes and the Office with my roommates, Futurama, the Simpsons, Family guy

[JT] - Any Last Comments?
Yes, check out our myspace and check out our top friends and make sure you stop by the Wounded Records myspace and take a look at all the awesome bands on their label and support them.

Then in the immortal words of Gary Busey: “Fear is the darkroom where the devil develops his negatives.”

GOD Bless and have a Merry Chrismahankwanzica

[JT] - I also end each interview with some of the questions from James Lipton and the “Inside the Actors Studio so here they are as well.

* What is your favorite word?*
As of late probably debacle

*What sound or noise do you love?*
The sound of my cell phone ringing and its someome special calling.

*What sound or noise do you hate?*
My alarm clock going off.

*What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?*
Well umm….i’m not sure if you are considering me a full time musican or not, but I am in Culinary School so someday I am going to be a Chef I hope, but if I could do another job other than that I would want to be a foley engineer probably.

*What profession would you not like to do? *
Anything that would keep me behind a desk doing paper work for more than an hour a day. - JTIndie Christian Music Podcast

"Highwire Daze Interview"

Meet The Tug Fork River Band, the latest signing from Wounded Records. Those into the Southern rock of Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster and The Showdown will want to rock out to what these Indianapolis musicians have to offer. In the midst of recording their debut CD for Wounded, we decided that introductions were in order...

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in the Tug Fork River Band and how long the band has been together.
This is Aaron and Justin, the vocals and guitar respectively and we have been together for about 2 years now.

Where is the band from, what is the music scene like there, and how does The Tug Fork River Band fit into the scheme of things?
We are from Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the World Champion Indianapolis Colts and Eli Manning’s brother. The scene is dying here that’s for sure. A lot of venues are closing down, which means it’s tougher to get shows and we end up having to travel quite a bit.

Where exactly is The Tug Fork River and why did you choose that name for the band?
The Tug Fork River is on the border of Kentucky and West Virginia. It was the boundary line for that huge feud between the Hatfields (not the dude from Metallica) and the McCoys. They started off fighting over the ownership of a pig and it escalated into a lot of killing. We took the name because it was really Southern sounding and the story is pretty metal.

Describe your music to an elderly church lady.
Well hello ma’am, how are you this fine Sunday morning? This is worship music that you won’t need your hearing aid for. It’s very dirty so you might feel the need to take a shower afterwards. Now pass me that fried chicken.

How did you end up being signed to Wounded Records?
We’re on Wounded Records? Sweet! Actually we knew Tonja back in high school. Bryant was in our old band and we introduced them to each other and they ended up getting married. 25 wondrous years later they started a record company and Bryant was like I miss you guys and I want you on my label. So we were like yeah totally.

How close are you guys to recording your debut record for Wounded?
Very close. So close we can smell the burning metal. We’re actually headed into Threshold Studios where we did our EP on November 15th.

What is a live The Tug Fork River Band show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?
Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in the middle of the woods and you’re running as fast as you can when you run into a branch that knocks you out. You wake up the next morning with your ears ringing and your head aching and there are a bunch of old men with banjos. You’ve never been so scarred in your life and you begin screaming bloody murder when you realize…this is the stupidest description of a band’s live show ever.

The Tug Fork River Band is invited to participate on a Johnny Cash tribute album? What song by Johnny Cash would you want to play and why?
That’s a good question. We actually have a Johnny Cash thing set up for our intro for our live show that includes God’s Gonna Cut You Down so that would definitely be up there on the list. Folsom Prison Blues would be awesome as well. Then there’s always Hurt cause there’s nothin quite as good as a cover of a cover.

How much does Christianity inspire your music and lyrics? Do you consider yourselves a “Christian band?”
Jesus inspires our music and lyrics. It’s not so much a Christianity thing or being a part of a religion as it is about Jesus Christ’s love for us, our love for Him, and the relationship that we share. As far as being a Christian band we definitely base our lives off of the Bible and follow what God calls us to do. We are looking to send a message across that there is hope, that there is love, and that it can be found in Jesus Christ.

Which member of The Tug Fork River Band would you say is on Myspace WAAAAAYYYY too much?
Brian. He even thanked myspace in our EP thank you’s. He also always says myspace saved his life.

Any final words of wisdom?
In the words of the great Gary Busey, “Fear is the dark room where the devil develops his negatives.” Oh and thank you to our good friends in Neviah Nevi for being the real reason we got signed to Wounded and to Tonja and Bryant for believing in us. Thank you Highwire Daze for giving us this opportunity to talk about our band and beliefs. God bless.
- Kenneth Morton at Highwire Daze Magazine


Vulture EP - self released Spring 2012
Catch For Us The Metal - Spring 2009 on Wounded Records
The Dirty Dirty EP - self released Spring 2006

Tracks from releases are getting airplay on syndicated nationwide and international radio shows.



The Tug Fork River Band is a group of four friends who just love to play metal. Forming in 2006, the band has certainly paid their dues. In 2007 the band self released their first EP The Dirty Dirty. This release, coupled with constant performances regionally, brought the attention of Indiana based Wounded Records. In 2009 the band released their debut full length Catch For Us The Metal on the label, which gained national attention from features in Hails & Horns, AMP, Highwire Daze, and Substream magazines.

The band is composed of Aaron Quinn on vocals, Brian Dukes on bass and backing vocals, Derek Schweibold on drums, and Justin Foxworth on guitar, who also takes care of all artwork for the band.

In 2011 the band decided it would be best to part ways with Wounded Records and self release an EP. Released on March 20, 2012, the Vulture EP is the culmination of the band’s hard work, dedication, and drive to create music they love.