The Tule Devils

The Tule Devils


The Tule Devils are a Jam band in a blues bands body. We have strong vocal harmony and 2 great songwriters in the band. We are sort of a cross between Gov't Mule and Marshall Tucker with a little Albert Collins sprinkled on top. Many bands have the same instrumentation we have but few have our soul


Pat and I (Tom) grew up listening to southern rock music and were huge fans of this genre. The Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker etc. are all influences. We also had a huge blues adiction from an early age. When other kids were listening to Disco in the late 70's we were listening to Muddy Waters, Albert King and the like. We stand on this foundation in what we write and play. Most of our original music is a fusion of the southern rock we love and the blues that resides within us. We have been playing together since before high school and have a sort of non verbal communication between us that makes our shows powerful and never the same twice. The band as a whole are big Gov't Mule fans and we have a similar show style to theirs.
Often doing covers that you don't expect in our own Tule Devils style.
The band name comes from the "Tule" river that flows out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the southern San Joaquin valley near the town of Porterville, California. 4 of the 5 members grew up within walking distance of this river. It is a part of us and we a part of it....


Father Time

Written By: Tom Natzke

Father Time

1. The passage of time is my savior,
is my nemesis.
It's passing sustained me when lovers betrayed me,
and when lovers I betrayed.
Lapsing to soothe the burn of the truth,
I've revised for personal gain.
Ebbing and flowing coming and going. Much to my dismay

Father Time assails me.
Preying upon my vanity
Father time saves me
From painful memories invading my mind.

2. Like Jeckel's Hyde, times other side deals in the currency of pain.
So unrelenting he's always inventing w鱠ays to derail the train.
Boarded at birth our transport on earth, to the dreams we devise when we're young.
Ebbing and flowing coming and going. Much to my dismay

3. Ten years go by in the blink of an eye. Faster every year.
Slowing me down, dulling my crown.
What will I become?
Try as I might I'll lose this fight,
to the subject of my rhyme.
A fitting ending for someone pretending he can beat old father time.


We are presently preparing to go into the studio to do our first album as The Tule Devils. We all have played in various bands that have recorded albums.
We have 3 videos from the Television Show we played on recently and they are available for viewing on our website and myspace page.

The song "Tide Pool" written by Pat Natzke is a moving song that has huge harmonies. It is haunting and beautiful.

"Father Time" was written by Tom Natzke and is a song about a mans foolish atempt to beat Father time" It is a passionate description of the dual nature of time.

"Southern Heart" written by Tom Natzke is a song about growing up with Southern manners and small town values. This is the Marshall Tucker side of The Tule Devils.

These can be viewed at

Set List

We like to play long sets!!!! So at a club date we will do 2 sets in a 4 hour show. We love to play!
We do covers in almost every show. Typical covers for us are,
One Way Out The Allman Brothers
Gumbo Phish
Tall Boy Widespread Panic
Time to Confess Gov't Mule
Eminence Front The Who
T for Texas Jimmie Rodgers
32/20 Blues Robert Johnson
Bounty Hunter Molly Hatchet
Magic Carpet Ride Stephenwolf
Cortez the killer Neil Young
Mary Janes last dance Tom Petty

We play a wide variety of music because it is so much fun.
We have an entire set of straight Blues tunes that really are exceptional....