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"The Masked Reviewer!"

The Masked One takes it in the Tully!

The Tullys - My Brother Charlie: 11 track + bonus video Clip

Recorded @ Camelot Studios Canberra - Produced by Trevor Dunham - Engineered by Trevor Dunham - Mastered by Trevor Dunham - Cover artwork by: Maureen Tully - Photography by Shaun, Courtney and Travis - Web : - Label: Indi

When Recorded; 2002 - Where can you get it, Maybe Revolution, (sold out) - Style of Music; Folk Rock (Corrs)

The Tullys are: Lawson Tully: Drums, Jamie Tully: Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Backing vocals, Cameron Tully: Lead Guitar, Backing vocals, Mechelle: Lead Vocals and piano

The Tullys are the Tullys. For real, it's a family that formed a band, three brothers and a wife. Mechelle, the wife, writes most of the songs and sings on their debut 2002 release 'My Brother Charlie'.

Their music has been compared to U2, Corrs and reminds me of 'Women in Doc's'. Mechelle's voice has an Australian feel to it and is fattened out on this CD with well placed harmonies. While the rest of the band are mentioned for back ups, I can't really much more than another girls voice, some blokie bits, but most back ups sit down to pee.

The recording quality of 'My Brother Charlie' is very good. It's amazing how local studios can step up to the mark if you get rid of electricity. The drums could be fuller, yeah I know, that ol' chestnut, but the vocals make up for any mixing short falls. Up front, that's my only real pic at this CD, it's sounds like a fantastic local production. Would though, have loved to have heard a track recorded at a different studio, just to compare.

The pics on the CD jacket are high quality studio portraits and fit the music. The Tullys are a polished outfit that produce polished music. The folky sound, makes them for easy listening and great to have on in the background or driving around.

I'd like to see the Tullys spend the dollars and get into a better studio for a couple of tracks on their next endeavour. Mechelle has proved she can pen a quality tune, with the right man at the knobs, the Tullys could really make something of their music, even a living.

The video side of things suits the 'local' nature of the CD. Again, it's the production that lets it down, though is a good introduction of, 'this is the band'. Would have liked to have seen a few more dollars on the video.

That'd be something interesting, now I think about it. Songs like 'My Brother Charlie' would fit right into the shoe of bands like Night Train. A great song can cross boarders in music. And I'd just love to hear their fat ass guitars behind a Tullys tune.

The band does a fantastic study of "less is more", with some tunes stripped back to vocals and piano. I'd like to hear the band go to the other extream a little more, with a liberal helping of fat on the bones of some of the other songs. A good producer would be able to provide the lard without losing the soul of the song.

'My Brother Charlie' is a fantastic, personal, account of life and travels in Australia and essential listing for anyone interested in hearing the future of quality music. The best track for me, would have to be track 4 'It's only love'. A haunting look into the awakening of becoming an adult and discovering the real world around you.

As I said before, to me, most tracks on this CD are keepers, the only thing that holds it back is production, in the right studio, with the right engeneer, these guys could make gold.

This is the Masked Reviewer saying, catch the Tullys, and try and get your hands on this gem of a CD if you see it around. -

"CITA 2005"

Caught in the ACT 2005 - 18 track CD Various Artists

Recorded and mixed @ Various, Produced by Various, Engineered by Various, Mastered by Various. Cover artwork Ben Lopez of Paper Monkey Canberra. Photography by Various
Web: Distributed by; Indi When Recorded; Various
Where can you get it; indi music shops How much should you pay: $19.99.
Style of music, various Sound like; Canberra in 2005.

Here we are at another Caught in the ACT, 2005 to be exact. This is the sixth instalment of a compilation CD which has woven itself into the Canberran musical culture. The artwork looks similar to previous years, top quality as usual and the CD features several top local names like Switch 3, Night Train, Little Smoke, the Tullys and MEATBEE. Ben Lopez of Paper monkey / MEATBEE fame always gets CITA started well, with artwork that is industry standard.
The quality of the tracks varies from very good to some that show potential.

Here's a track by track review...

6. The Tullys, 'A rock and a hard place' Another winning tune from the Tully four member team. Female vocals with the sweet laid back style over a sweeping keyboard. Most Tully tunes tend to be true to the vocals which always come over warm and rich with laid back guitar, drums and bass. It's almost a country feel with a pop influence. Quality recording, quality. I'd like to hear the guys look into chasing their urban influences a little more. Another Canberra band and worth catching if you get a chance.

CITA 2005 is another great timepiece of Canberra music. People in 50 years time will be able to take this baby off the shelf and get an idea of what was going on in the Canberra music scene. While there are a number of quality Canberra acts not on this CD, there's enough quality with enough up and comers to show what's going on.

CITA 2005 is available form Landspeed -


EP: Fall Too Hard - Released December 2006. Now available on ITunes Australia, USA and UK

Album: My Brother Charlie - Released 2002. Now sold out.



UPDATED - The Tullys will be touring the USA/UK in 2008!!

Raised on a farm in the middle of Australia’s capital city… Home-schooled by their parents... The Tullys were always destined to produce their own special brand of music.

It's only a short drive from Canberra (Australia's Capital City) to Sydney, But it was a whole new world The Tullys entered as they prepared to record their new albums at Sydney’s famous Studios 301.

The Tullys began life as a band during 1999, and what a ride it's been. From gigs at the Canberra Irish Club, to recording an album with Richard Lush - one of the worlds top producers, and former Australian producer of the year. It all started back on the family farm where Cameron, Jamie and Lawson balanced their music practice with their cattle and sheep tending duties. The Tully boys were born, raised and home-schooled there.

Brought up by music-loving parents, they were fed a steady diet of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2 as well as the rich history of traditional Australian, Bluegrass and Folk. Because of their close family ties, the Tully boys spent most of their childhood days on the farm, creating their music at night after the work was done. Home schooling was instrumental (forgive the pun) in the boys creating their own sound because as Jamie said "We were too busy playing our own stuff, so we weren't really affected by what was being played on the radio at the time."

Then came the pivotal moment. Mechelle Tully joined the band. Mechelle's original and vibrant songwriting was just the boost the band needed. Word about The Tullys started to spread after they won several music competitions during their very first year as a band. Mechelle's songwriting influence helped the band develop their own sound further - which led to their next break.

The Tullys were invited to perform in the USA at the legendary Bluebird café, as well as the Australian Festival in Nashville, which led to their first tour of the USA.

During 2004 The Tullys became Austereo Network station FM104.7's Made in Canberra band of the month, after they had been to Brisbane to record with producer Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas). They recorded 2 tracks with Stuart, and 1 of these (Together) was their featured song on 104.7

These 2 songs attracted the interest of uber producer Richard Lush (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Dido, Guy Sebastian), which started a whole new chapter of The Tullys story. The Tullys have just completed a 12 track album at 301 Studios in Sydney, recorded with Richard, and featuring the amazing drumming skills of Ben Hakalitz from iconic Australian band Yothu Yindi.

Their new EP – Fall Too Hard is now available on ITunes Australia, USA and UK,
and the new album, titled: "Twelve Short Stories" is due to be released in October 2007

The Tullys have performed as the backing band for Todd McKenny (The Boy From Oz, Dancing with the stars) as well as on the same bill with artists such as Vanessa Amorosi and John Williamson, and are one of the most dynamic live acts in Australia.