The Tumbleweeds

The Tumbleweeds


Americana acoustic show with Miss Kimmy and Zorba. I


In the summer of 2004, Kimmy and Zorba formed The Tumbleweeds with bassist and tubist Ben Volkits and Zach Yde on drums. Keyboardist, Fred Yde, joined The Tumbleweeds soon after. We also play with pedal steeler Joe Alterio, keyboardist Brad Moore, and percusionists Lenen Nicola and Scarecrow.

Kimmy and Zorba are former members of the Honky Tonk band the Drunken Deacons. They have performed more than 170 shows together, and have been featured on Showcases, Melody Inn Parties, and venues through-out the state. Ben Vokits is a graduate of Oberlin College, with a degree in music. Fred Yde is a seasoned veteran on the Keyboards having played with Chooch and The Enchanters. Zach is a drumming prodigy and a recent graduate of Carmel High School.

The Tumbleweeds host the Hillbilly Happy Hour every Friday Night at the Melody Inn, 3826 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis. This show freatures The Tumbleweeds on the second and fourth Fridays of each month and showcases new bands and singer-songwriters.


Life of the Road

Written By: Zorba Rose

This morning I was choking from too much cigarette smoking and fun at the Melody last Night.

My mind was spliting from the alcohol hitting; took a couple of asprins and I felt alright

Life on the road in this crazy world -
If I'd know that then.

There was promiss in my eyes and I thought myself wise till I learned how to play this guitar.

My mind was changing, ideas reaganging, I was thinking like never before.

Life of the road, in this changing world - If I'd know that then.

New Ideas started flowing like a dancer quickly prancing round a pole in an Eastside bar.

I turned a fled, never looked back again, Lord knows I want to be a star.

Life on the Road in the wonderful world - if I'd known that then

Life on the road in the wonderful world - If I'd known that then.


Zorba and Miss Kimmy have been featured on the IMN Music Sampler, Showcase 10 sampler, Benchmark Battle of the Bands Sampler. They have recorded Drunken Deacons Liquor and Loss and Songs.

Set List

421 - Z Rose
Ballad of Carmen - Z. Rose
Cody Cody - Jason Miller
I found a way - Z. Rose
Life on the Road - Z. Rose
Make it a Double - B. Bishop
Prospects - B. Lancaster & Z. Rose
The Wheel - Z. Rose
Monkey - B. Vokits, K. Rose, Z. Rose, F. Yde, Z. Yde, B. Bishop

Cover Songs:
Folsom Prison Blues - J. Cash
I got Stripes - J. CAsh
Las Vegas Lament - B. Owens
Never Been To Spain - H. Axton
Oooh Las Vegas - G. Parsons
Portland Oregan - L. Lynn
Ring of fire - J. Cash
These Boots are Made for Walking
Vincent Black Lightning - R. Thompson
Walking After Midnight - P. Cline
You Ain't Woman Enough - L. Lynn