The Tumbling Tumbleweeds

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds

 Sierra Madre, California, USA

WINNERS of the 2011 Western Music Association Best Traditional Album by a Group Award!

A Western Music group. Bringing the music of the West, the Western, the Silver Screen Cowboy back to life with rich all male vocal harmonies and an all acoustic guitar, fiddle and stand up bass combo.


WINNERS of the 2011 Western Music Association Best Traditional Album by a Group Award!

Original song, "California" #1 in the Top Ten Western Music Song Chart in Rope Burns Magazine and new album "Blaze Across the West hit #2 in the Top Twenty Cowboy/Western Music CDs Chart in The Western Way Magazine!

Celebrating 6 Years of Western Music!

“Great harmony, creative arrangements, keeping the tradition alive!”
Douglas B. Green, Riders In The Sky - WMA

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds is an all-acoustic Western Music Group performing both classic and original songs that celebrate the West, the Movie Western and the American Cowboy!

Winners of the Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers Award for Western Music Group of the Year and the Western Music Association's Crescendo Award!!

Currently Nominated for Two 2011 Western Music Association Awards!
Album "Blaze Across the West" Nominated for 2011 TRADITIONAL WESTERN ALBUM BY A DUO OR GROUP and The Tumbling Tumbleweeds Nominated for 2011 ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR!

Also Nominated for the 2010 WMA Outstanding Entertainer - Group Award!

Also named one of the Top 10 Live Acoustic Music Acts in Southern California by FolkWorks Magazine!

Within today’s modern landscape cluttered with technology and fast-paced living it is not very often one is able to slow down and remember a time when things were a bit less hectic and a lot more carefree. The Tumbling Tumbleweeds have come along to remind us of just that time, when the cowboy was king and the Wild West was a chapter in our history to be both revered and celebrated.

As their name suggests The Tumbling Tumbleweeds are deeply inspired by the Sons of the Pioneers whom they consider to be the masters of cowboy music. “As vocalists we find their music and harmonies totally irresistible and as Westerners we find their songs to be a romantic tribute to the West that was.”

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds were formed in 2005 and are active members of the Western Music Association. Since their premiere appearance at the Western Music Festival in November 2007 where they were received with overwhelming enthusiasm, they have gone on to win the 2008 AWA Will Rogers Award for Western Music Group of the Year and the WMA Crescendo (Most Promising Talent) Award and their debut album hit #1 on the Top 10 Cowboy/Western Music CD Chart! Thier second Album titled, Blaze Across the West is already on the Western Music Charts and is receiving critical acclaim as well as radio airplay all around the world!

The Tumbling Tumbleweeds have been performing in clubs and festivals all over the Southern California area and have developed a sizeable fan base since their beginning in 2005. It is the mission of The Tumbling Tumbleweeds to reach and engage as many young people as possible so that the legacy of Western Music isn't lost in the midst of the ever declining state of "pop-culture" but can live on to the next generation of music lovers. With a blend of western heritage and movie nostalgia they are “Family Entertainment” through and through!

"It is our belief that it is the “story” within each western song that makes it so uniquely western and gives it a life of its own. The cowboy era was an era of legend and folklore and it is that element of story that we Tumbleweeds wish to honor, as well as the integrity of the richly harmonious musical legacy of the Sons of the Pioneers themselves. Their sound transports us to a time and place that was so much more innocent and peaceful than that of our world today and it is that sound that drew us to their music and that which we also wish to carry on." - "Tumbleweed Rob" Wolfskill

"To simply call this group a charming throwback to the SONS OF THE PIONEERS (complete with matching outfits) denies the originality the Tumbleweeds inject. Sure, they began as a tribute to that classic cowboy group. But they’ve grown their own identity." - Larry Wines, Acoustic Americana Music Guide News

"The great news is The Tumbling Tumbleweeds don’t sound like the SOPs. Or Riders in the Sky, or Sons of the San Joaquin. They sound 100% like The Tumbling Tumbleweeds… and that, folks, is simply wonderful!" - Rick Huff, The Western Way Magazine

Anyone who remembers the days of the Silver Screen Cowboys like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and the Sons of the Pioneers will appreciate this musical journey back to the Old West as will children of all ages. With a show complete with singing, humor, storytelling and some fancy Western footwork they're sure to please!


Blaze Across the West - 2010 - New Release!

Debut Album - The Tumbling Tumbleweeds - National and International Radio Airplay -
#1 in the Western Way Magazines Western Music Chart.

Set List

Set lists run between 35-40 minutes in length and include the following songs:

Saddle Your Worries to the Wind
Hold That Critter Down
Timber Trail
My Saddle Pals and I
The Mighty Santa Fe
Moonlight on the Prairie
Cool Water
Oregon Trail
Cattle Call
Empty Saddles
Lonely River
So Long Old Pinto
Silver Spurs
Intro: San Antonio Rose

Golden Grizzly
Round Up in the Sky
So Long to the Red River Valley
Lost Love Medley
Blue Shadows on the Trail
Pecos Bill
Old Yeller
Davy Crockett
Little Patch of Heaven
Lazin' Down the Trail
Silent Trails
Ridin' on the Rocky Range
The Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Ghost Riders in the Sky

Most of these songs are covers of Sons fo the Pioneers, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and other classic Western Artists'. We also perform some of our own original songs written and performed in the same style as the classic Western songs.