The Tunstalls

The Tunstalls


The Tunstalls sound is huge! It combines catchy blues riffs, pounding beats, lush harp fills, and raspy vocals to create songs that fans can shake their arses to. The Tunstalls music lends itself to artists like The Black Keys, Led Zep, Captain Beefheart, Sonny Boy Williamson2, and The Vasco Era.


The Tunstalls were formed in early 2007 before any of the members could play their instrument. It is this unique bond that sets their music apart from other bands. Once formed The Tunstalls set about writing songs that they wanted to hear, not the indie pop rock that was flooding the air waves and the local music scene at the time. With influences like The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Buffalo Killers, and Captain Beefheart plus the classic rock bands like Led Zep, The Tunstalls created unpretencious sounds that move audiences and shake venue foundations. The Tunstalls have since played gigs in Newcastle, Sydney, Maitland and the Central Coast, including support shows for some of their favorite bands like The Fumes, The Vasco Era, Whiskey Go Go's, Rogerthat, and Dallas Frasca.
Their live show is relentless and full of energy, often taking songs through unexpected twists and turns to keep audiences captivated.


The Tunstalls are currently working on their first ep to be released at the beginning of 2009.
One of their debut tracks "The Get Along Song" is played on newcastle radio station 105.3 New FM. This track was recorded in their living room using minimal equipment.

Set List

Set time: 45 (all originals)-60 mins (with a couple of covers)
1. What Your Doing Now
2. Going Home
3. Old John Tunstall
4. Just Fine
5. The Get Along Song
6. Welcome Lion
7. Free Bird
8. South End Stomp
9. Swagger Back Blues
10. When I Was Young
11. The Tracks