The Tups

The Tups


the best live show in canadian music right now, let alone punk rock. high energy rock & country inspired turbo pop thrash. the most entertainment you can fit into a small club for a half hour.


The Tups formed in the backwoods of Balcaress, SK, in august of 2002 with the intention of creating the most exciting live rock band around. Since then, the band have played dozens & dozens of filthy, in your face shows across western Canada, & recorded 2 diy demo discs, broken up, reformed, & been banned, at one point, from most venues in BC. Now, arrests & rehab behind them, The Tups are preparing for 2007 to be their biggest year ever. With a new 4 song EP due in March, & a full length in progress for the fall, The Tups are coming, whether you like it or not, to your town, & soon.


Getting a Head in Federal Canadian Politics - EP - 2003
I Dressed Up For This?!? - full length demo - 2004
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Set List

the iceman cometh / preteen girls a go go / no funeral / sweatpants boner / punk by the case / i didnt know slamdancing was a sport, so what's with the uniforms? / that song about drugs / suicide?!? / gain weight & fornicate / old folks (screeching weasel cover) / dont forget to take someone with you / the dead walk / age of consent = death / my christian girlfriend