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The Turnbull AC's


It's rock and roll meets The Twilight Zone, narrated by Tom Waits.


Recognized as one of Cincinnati's premiere singer/songwriters, Dan Mecher started his Turnbull AC's as a creative outlet following the death of his grandparents. He began crafting his songs during a six-month solitude living in their double-wide trailer on the west side of Cincinnati. The songs are haunting stories brought to life by Mecher's graceful and melodic compositions—eerie reminders of the misfortunes life can present.

After months of playing solo acoustic sets, Mecher gathered some of Cincinnati's finest musicians to help him convey his message. The band dove right into the local and regional music scene during the second half of 2005, and played out several times a week with local favorites such as the Heartless Bastards, 500 Miles to Memphis, Moth, and The Sundresses. At the end of the year The Turnbull AC's were recognized by Cincinnati’s CityBeat Entertainment Awards—receiving a nomination for "Best New Artist of the Year”. Mecher also received a nomination for "Singer/Songwriter of the Year" Award.

As 2006 rolled in, The Turnbull AC's saw the impact of their first year in existence. The band took advantage of their growing local popularity and self-released their debut full-length album. As people filled their shows, press reviews gave nothing but positive feedback, and the regional airwaves began spreading the word of Mecher's lyrical masterpieces. The band’s hard work during 2006 earned them CEA nominations for "Artist of the Year", "Best Rock Album", "Album of the Year", and once again Mecher was nominated for "Singer/Songwriter of the Year".

The Turnbull AC's are currently touring the Midwest, promoting their debut album and receiving airplay from a growing number of radio stations across the country. The band recently finished recording their sophomore full-length album and their goal is to find a label that will help distribute their music. The Turnbull AC’s are committed to touring regionally and nationally—spreading the word of their great city’s music scene in an effort to make Cincinnati a permanent spot on the music map.

The Turnbull AC's have played festivals and shows with:

-The Walkmen
-Apples in Stereo
-The French Kicks
-The Fiery Furnaces
-Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
-The Heartless Bastards
-Mates of State
-The Apparitions
-The Sundresses
-The Stills
-Ghostface Killah
-Forget Cassettes
-Sunday Runners
-Starlight Mints
-Kevin Devine
-The Features
-Okkervil River
-Manchester Orchestra
-Carolina Liar

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Pretty Girls Don't Go to Heaven

Written By: Dan Mecher

If I was a vampire, you'd be my favorite victim.
I used to feed on your pretty veins before you gave your love to him.
He came from wealth and fame and you both had the same infection.
And when you felt his touch, your withered heart was resurrected.
You looked into my face and said it was fun for while it lasted,
Then someone poisoned my drink.

I guess it's fate, or just a demon in the form of which it takes-
A girl with a pretty face.
And here she comes, so cold, with a razor against my throat.
Well, it's said but true, my son, we kill the ones we love.
Your momma loved me way too much.
And I can hear the casket close.

If I truly believe, would it save my soul from all this danger?

Please don't bury me just yet, 'cause I can't leave without you,
'Cause I've still got plans for us.

Leave the lights on in the bedroom.
Latches on the doors closed tight.
I'll be there watching from the window,
Waiting there for one more bite.

Seemed so sure you'd found a cure.
A teenage death, film at eleven.
Pretty girls don't go to heaven.
Well tell me where they go
When they hear the casket close.

I hear the casket close.
If I could have one thing before I go-
A little company.
Sweet thing, just lie next to me.
Get comfortable, baby.
Take in the scenery.


Debut Album: The Turnbull AC's
Released: May, 2006
Notes: Named in "Best of 2006" album countdown on, "The Future of Rock and Roll." featured several tracks from the album throughout the year, all of which reached the station's top 20 most-played list.

"Small Town Parade" CD, released November 2008.

Other Airplay:
-ISeeSound Podcast

Set List

typically 40 minute set, can play up to 1.5 if needed.

Pretty Girls Don't Go to Heaven
St. Beale's Hospital
Funeral Kisses
Ghost Town Land
Tek 9s and Cadillacs
Red in the Fountain
Disco Bomber
Angels on Highway 27
Come On Back
In the Attic
Brooklyn Baby
Killer of Kenton County Kids
Mrs Templeton
The Gentlemens' Club
Love Me to Death (Busted Wheel)
Bucket Brigade
The Servant & the Baroness
Findlay Market
Teach Me to Dance