The Turncoat

The Turncoat


the turncoat started as a 1 man folk-punk army and evolved into a fully fledged batallion of music. playing with anywhere between 1 and 7 people depending on bail conditions the turncoat has been wheezing and spluttering some of the most thought provoking lyrics for longer then you. so step right up


after a youth spent sneaking into pubs with a punk rock band, The Turncoat first picked up an acoustic guitar and harmonica about 7 years ago and has only ever looked back to make sure he's not being followed. whether being backed by various members of the soon to be infamous Hellfire Orchestra or simply strumming away alone The Turncoat writes the sort of songs that paint a picture. Ranging from tales of friday nights in the pub to epics of failed piracy and deportation these songs are nothing if not thought provoking. Currently releasing on the collectivly run Smugglers Records and having supported the likes of Jamie T, Adele, Cocos Lovers and Larrakin Love, The Turncoat is a necessary addition to whatever your planning.


Split 7" with Happy Valley for Cut and Come Again Records

Split 7" with The Erasureheads for Cut and Come Again Records

E.P. 'Tales of The Hellfire Orchestra' to be released on Smugglers Records in Spring 2010

Album 'Leave Your Weapons At The Door' to be released on Smugglers Records Winter 2010