The Turncoats

The Turncoats


The Turncoats are fabulous quartet composed of four greasy boys from Southern Alberta. Their live show will grab you by the guts from the first check of the mike. Once you catch your breath they'll let you knock one back with a finely tuned blend of alt-country, rockabilly, good times kinda music!


The Turncoats started playing together after spending time as the Rhythm section of the University of Lethbridge Jazz Ensemble. Our unique personalities and similar musical tastes ended up in our deciding to take this act on the road! Jazz, metal, punk, country, rock n' roll, flamenco... a little bit of everything as the members each brought their own influences.

Arlen - the lead guitar playin' fool with a questionable history of shredding, jazz and classical guitar chops.

Kyle - half jazz cat and half Stuart Copeland fanatic.

Paul - a tried and true blues journeyman and a progressive rock afficiando.

Andrew - a bizarre melange of Tom Waits, Johnny Cash and David Lynch ..


The Green Teeth Of Jealousy

Written By: Andrew Scott

I knew a guy named Slim Jim Hank
With a mouth just like a septic tank
His woman left him for another man

She wanted a guy
who wouldn't cuss or swear
maybe compliment her hair
Now poor old Hank is sworn out for revenge

I knew a guy named Righteous Joe
Who we all knew was a little slow
His mother drank when he was in the womb

She wouldn't give up her party ways
She got her baby drunk damn near every day
Now poor old Joe is always left behind

Oh yes the Green Teeth Of Jealousy are slowly sinking into me
And I don't know just what I should do
Should I forgive her?
Should I cut out her liver?
No one understands the hell I'm going through

I knew a guy named Slitherin' Ben
Who's heart got broke again and again
Some cold old trout was stringin him along
She'd call Ben up on the phone when her husband wasn't home and say, "Come on over and love me for awhile!"

I knew a gal named Bonny Sue
A prostitute tried and true
Poor young Carl fell in love with her

He said, "I want to marry you"
"Settle down and have a kid or two"
She said, "You're not my type of guy"


Well women sure do piss me off
I've fallen in love and I've paid the cost
But I guess it's awful better than being alone
If she's a pain in the ass half the time
Hold onto her because you'll find that half the time is about the best you'll ever do!


The Ballad Of Bill Bradley

Written By: Andrew Scott

It's been a long time coming
But that girl said she'd be mine
Her big blue eyes and lovely legs
Were on my mind all the time

On the night that I had met her
I'd given up the fight
A violent man gives up his ways
A woman's love makes him right

Susannah, my Susannah
Out from the Crowsnest Pass
I would do anything for you
My darling bonny lass

The good inside made me try
To be a better man
I got down on my wounded knee
And asked her for her hand

It's been a long time runnin'
The past has eyes that see
A rugged man came into town
He was looking out for me

He said I'd crossed him long ago
And he was back to claim revenge
A reformed man I could not recall
What I'd done to my new friend

I don't love to kill
But I'd kill for love
Spend my whole life living
With what I have done....

So I loaded up my pony
And I rode into the sun
I'd gone to seek forgiveness
For the evil I had done

But the rugged man didn't follow me
He thought he'd spare my wife
He stayed and put his rusty blade
To the throat of my new wife

I heard the word of this travesty
And I rode back for revenge
My guns go bang if I want them to
I'd fill him up with lead

When I got to town everybody knew
Small towns are mouths and eyes
He begged my gun for mercy
When I shot him down that night

River Of Tears

Written By: Andrew Scott

I went out fishin on a river of tears
It's been buggin me for a couple of years
I caught myself a memory
One from the years that weren't so good to me
I was very young when I went out on my own
And I was not yet ready for the great unknown
With a foolish heart I lost control
And to fate's cruel fingers I did unfold
My foolish heart brought company
The very kind that weren't so good to me
With a villian's eyes I could clearly see
There was no more good inside of me

We don't need no existentialism
Point of view coming through
Hostile to the truth

But I tried so hard
To leave those days behind me
But they packed up their bags
And they came to find me
What do you do
When the villian's you?
You watch your morals dissapear
Watch your knees buckle with fear

We tried to hard to raise some hell
So drop dead broke with our souls to sell
Now I'm often told I'm too hard on myself
But there's a crooked grin on my heart's top shelf
I went out swimmin on a river of tears
It's been buggin me for a couple of years
I've got too much locked up inside
And I hope this river will take my life



April 2006 - Single 'Artillery'
February 2006 - 'Teeth Like A Chainsaw'
April 2005 - 'Bloodrunnin'
November 2004 - 'Rattletale'
August 2003 - 'Last Night'

Set List

We have enough material to easily play five seperate 45min. sets. We prefer to do mostly original material but we have ample cover material under our belts, (some road worthy country classics like 'Ghost Riders In The Sky' and 'Rawhide' and some classics of Rock and Roll 'Norwegian Wood' and 'Can't Stand Losing You').