The Turn In

The Turn In


With nods to both NYC and the Bay Area these southern boys bring Sonic Youth, Comets On Fire and Velvet Underground together to form their own brand of neo-psychedelia. Or think Sonic Youth trying to cover a Neil Young song after only hearing it once.


let me tell you a short story. one day these three lads set out from three different places. traveling past barking dogs, tulips and dandelions, chain-link fences topped with barbed wire and vast green vines, broken bottles and cars set a fire. i know two of them traveled a fair amount of distance. all of them felt compelled to leave their home and comfort for a journey to find their place in the universe. they traveled up and down valleys. through meadows and climbed on rooftops of buildings to see what was ahead. they all had this pull or urge if you may to keep going no matter what. at the end of the day as the sun was setting and sometimes glared in their eyes they ended up in a forest. all three lads found themselves under this great oak all at the exact same time. with meeting one another under that oak and in that forest they finally found the answer to their journey. the answer is what you see and hear on this page and elsewhere in the world and some of this even has been committed to memory.


EP: Hold for this EP

Set List

We usually play between 5 to 7 songs. Depends on how much time we have to play, but that usually covers 30 to 45 minutes. No covers. HELL NO!!!