The Turnpikes

The Turnpikes


southern rock band from the eastern shores of md in the vain of the black crowes and ryan adams. these 4 good ole boys are polite and professional as well as great entertainers!


the flatland roads of md brought these 4 musicians together as a cover band. once they wrote their first "original" tune, the covers fell by the wayside and their fans demanded more and more original songs that express the small town eastern shore life and the struggle to get out as well as the comfort of being home.


but i dont

Written By: chris owen and josh kerl

sittin next to me
how could i ever know
that u wanted me
to call u on the phone

and ask if we can still be friends
and if i can see u again

but i dont

next week on the bus
wanna sit by your side
miss my stop for you
to talk the whole ride

talk about music and plans
and if i can see u again

but i dont

knocked on your door
there u stood
staring at you
like any man would

wanna ask a million questions
god dont let me choke

and i dont

lying next to you
ten years down the road
arms around me
with the strongest of holds

ask me if i'd do things different
if i have any regrets

but i dont


1st independent release: "older whiskey, younger women, louder music" was released in 2006.

Set List

they have a 40 minute set that is structured to build momentum from the first song to the last. their delivery is very professional and the set flows nicely. there are mostly mid-tempo to fast songs with a power ballad at the end of the set.