The Tweedlers

The Tweedlers


The Tweedlers bring out the fun in every kind of song they play. With a timeless acoustic instrumentation, they play everything from old folk and bluegrass, to classic rock, oldies, country, and old-time love songs and waltzes.


The Tweedlers started in 2004, on the St. Lawrence River. The good mood of fresh air and a campfire remains with us in our performances. The Tweedlers first gained experience, playing for many retirement homes in New York State (all of which continue to request return visits), and last summer, we enjoyed being a part of 3 county fairs. Our music has been successful with children, seniors, and everyone in between. While staying true to the originals, our instrumentation, vocals, and bouncy feel, gives everything we do a fun Tweedlers sound!


Introducing: The Tweedlers -2005
Fun Folks, Fun Music! -2006
Old-Timin' -2007 (coming soon)

Set List

We cover a wide range of artists and styles. We form each set list around each particular audience.
We include many songs by: Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, The Beatles, Creedence, Neil Young, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Simon & Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, plus many fun old folk and bluegrass tunes!