The Twelfth Amethyst

The Twelfth Amethyst

 Mount Union, Pennsylvania, USA


The Twelfth Amethyst was formed in 2007 by original members Zak Walters (Vocals) Justin Morrison (Guitar) and Tim Snyder (Drums). This passionate three piece broke onto their local metal scene with their first ep “A Beautiful Death”. Now with more fan support they began writing their first full-length album. The highly anticipated release of “To Davy Jones Locker” was a success, nearly selling out in the first week of their self-financed album. Now with the addition of two new members Evan Gettig (Guitar) and Jimmy Coonan (Bass) this genre bending powerhouse are working on a new ep entitled “Welcome to Hell”, set to release in late 2011, with singles “Get Saved or go to Hell” and J-Wagz the Alpha Male” currently on ITunes.

God bless and thank you all for helping us to continue this ministry :)


A Beautiful Death 2008

To Davy Jones Locker 2009

Welcome to Hell Late 2011

Set List

Get Saved or go to Hell
J-Wagz the Alpha Male
Silent as the grave
Exalt Him
A Sword A Sword
Silent as the Grave (Remix)