The Twelfth Chapter

The Twelfth Chapter


The Twelfth Chapter = an energetic rock/pop sound, with an emotionally driven vocal style, catchy melody lines and hooks, and hearts full of passion.


Forming in October of 2006, The Twelfth Chapter began rocking Tallahassee FL and the surrounding cities with a rock/pop sound and an emotionally driven vocal style. With influences such as Jimmy Eat World, The Foo Fighters, and The Get Up Kids, they began to write and form an exciting set list of songs. Five of these songs would be chosen to be recorded on The Twelfth Chapter’s first official release, Leave It All Behind at Earthsound Recording (Mayday Parade, From First to Last, Go Radio) in Valdosta GA in July of 2007. They have also had the privilege of playing on stage with other bands such as Augustana, Vega 4, Voxtrot, Band Marino, Cool Hand Luke, Go Radio, and Deas Vail. Fueled with a passion for music and an energy to entertain, they will continue rocking. Keep a look out!

Bands we've shared the stage with:

- Augustana
- Vega4
- Mayday Parade
- My American Heart
- Go Radio
- Voxtrot
- Band Marino
- The Dark Romantics
- Look Mexico
- Cool Hand Luke
- Deas Vail
- Last Year Portrait

Venues/Clubs that we've played:

- The Beta Bar (Tallahassee FL)
- Bullwinkle's Saloon (Tallahassee FL)
- The FSU Reservation (Tallahassee FL)
- The Warehouse (Tallahassee FL)
- WT Neal Civic Center (Blountstown FL)
- The Harbor (Panama City FL)
- Murray Hill Theatre (Jacksonville FL)


Tallahassee Song

Written By: Evan Mathews

come downstairs and meet me on the front porch.
i'm gonna tell you how i feel this time and make sure you know i'm for real this time.
gonna get my point across and say the things i've been needing to say.
sit down stay still. let's not wait lets bury this thing tonight.

come back home to tallahassee.
you know my heart would be here waiting for you to come around.

I know you might have some things you'd like to say to me.
or maybe questions that i don't have the answers to.
i've gotta find some closure in all of this.
somthing's wrong, my life seems empty without you.

come back home to tallahassee.
you know my heart would be here waiting for you to come around.
Seeing your face would make me happy.
i never thought i'd feel this lonely.

Early Spring

Written By: Evan Mathews

oh my heart has heard you say, "come and talk, talk with me!"
lying here so patiently, waiting for an early spring.
but this winter seems so gloomy standing in the snow.
but you continue standing. letting your love overflow.

hold me close. you hold me so closely.
so why should i tremble when you are here with me?

the season that you've kept me in was painful but you brought me through.
letting this new light begin. transformed this man i thought i knew.

the gash in my heart has been overflowing. innocent hearts will be here waiting (for you).

Good Enough

Written By: Evan Mathews

once again i've found myself just sitting here.
oh the mess i've gotten myself in.
i've exhausted every plan laid out.
and i think it's about time i just give up.

round and round again we go.
this time i've hit the floor.
spinning round in cirlces gets me nowhere yes i know.
all this time i thought i was so good enough. but was
it good for you?

maybe this time i'll break out. maybe this time
i'll call your name. cause you were the one that
told me heartache's a part of the game.

Up State

Written By: Evan Mathews

verse 1
You were always the one who I thought I could count on.
But you were always the one who I could never figure out.
One minute you're this, one minute you're that.
Next thing I knew you were a knife in my back.
It was one thing after the other.

You moved up state running away
from the things that you hated.
Couldn't get away now it's too late.
It's coming up around on you.

verse 2
The pride that you kept inside, telling you to run.
Hard times are coming and we all know that aint so fun.
Well I just want to know the truth.

Let's Get Down

Written By: Evan Mathews

verse 1
Everybody's in town tonight
We just got paid and we should get out of this house
Go to the place where the DJ spins every song that we like
Dance all night
We need this. We need some kind of break
From everything. Oh yes everything.

Let's get down
move your feet to the rhythm
of this back beat sound
keep everybody yelling for
more and more, let's get down

verse 2
see that guy over there
standing in the corner
somebody should grab him
get him out here
tell him what a good time is all about

feel the burn in the back of your legs
its the dance floor baby
its getting to your head
clap your hands to the beat of the drum
don't worry about tomorrow it's time to have fun


Leave It All Behind EP – October 2007

1. Tallahassee Song
2. Escape
3. Early Spring
4. Good Enough
5. My Dove

"Tallahassee Song" currently being played on:

- Tallahassee's Rock Station X101.5's local show
- Tallahassee's GULF 104.1
- Tallahassee's WVFS 89.7 Hootenanny Show
- Valdosta GA's ROCK 108
- Brooksville FL's Fire Escape Online Radio (

Set List

Setlists range from 30-45 minutes.

Original Songs:

1. Tallahassee Song
2. Escape
3. Good Enough
4. My Dove
5. Wilderness
6. Let's Get Down
7. Slow Jam
8. Early Spring
9. Bring it Back
10. Up State
11. Someday
12. Pull the Plug

Cover Songs:

1. Blister - Jimmy Eat World
2. Found Out About You - Gin Blossoms
3. Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
4. When You Were Young - The Killers
5. You're All That I Have - Snow Patrol
6. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
7. Boys of Summer - The Ataris version