The Twitch

The Twitch


With mythical lyrics and heavy melodic choruses equal parts rock, blues and metal, the band puts on a show like you've been waiting to see.


Overwhelming the audiences have compared the band to Sabbath, The Velvet Underground and The Stone Roses. With each member coming from different states it is only their drive and love for music which has united them. After leaving their former bands and combining their talents, the band is gaining momentum as the music expands along with the crowds.



Written By: Brian Fox

I'll flood you with mysterious peace
and set your mind to dream
i've been making sure
we're the keys in this future
walkin that golden balance beam
do not cling there's no fear
when a thousand thunders
all at once you hear
for that's the real you
and heaven
is deep blue.

I believe it's true
when i look up to the sky
I'll stare the Sun down
and I don't mind if I go blind
and all I ever see
is just a fucking dream

so I guess I'm trapped
in this flowing stream
riding the lines
all in between
and I've been everything
I ever wanted to be
crossed the delta
now i'm drifting out to sea
drifting and now I see
a shining door ahead of me.

I believe it's true . . .

Tell Me Something

Written By: Brian Fox

Oh so appealing
dark and warm
imaginary center
of it all
who could've known
and would've told
what lies
what lies
in the know.

so tell me something
I don't know
won't you tell me something
I don't know
won't you tell me something
I don't know
Tell me something

peeking through a keyhole
i've left behind
pickin up the pieces
of my mind
scattered in the sky lord
scattered in the sky
but I'll be fine
I been runnin
for such a long time.

So tell me something . . .

Learned It All

Written By: Brian Fox

I opened up the door to step inside
this land of outer space
out to the streets where I cannot hide
from their human race
and what did I see but aliens and angels everywhere
a wall of eyes crowding the air
with heads of flames and knowing smiles
surrounded by spirits all the while
to another world we're sent
into the heart of judgement
and down below there is a crack
everybody there's in on the act.

I learned it all
by going mad
I learned it all
by going mad
I learned it all

So back up the stairs I ran
into that one mind
not ever believing
what I knew i was gonna find
little space creatures pointing eyes at me
shooting their telepathic laser beams
that one there can't be right
so I jump and dove right through the light
ride through the light


and when I woke beneath the trees
there was grass and clouds all around me
plants and animals and monkey me
in a soft rolling meadow
where I could just be
were just bees, bringing home the honey
and there I stayed for quite a while
till the spirits stopped to led me shed my smile
and we looked down from a mountaintop
on a lovely afternoon and that silly sun was there
all waiting for the stars and the moon
with a few good molecules
like me and you



Eat Your Children - EP (2003)
Produced by Keith Cleversley (The Flaming Lips, Spiritualized, Hum . . . )

Set List

The set list varies from show to show but leans upon the heavier aspect of their repetoire. Set lengths are dependent upon the slot.