The Two Funerals
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The Two Funerals

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Richmond, Virginia, United States
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"Looking for Richmond's punk scene? It's in an art gallery"

It’s fashionable to disparage opening acts, but Gallery5 has brought us some quality local groups: Sundials’ rock-solid drummer carries the sometimes faltering vocal work, delivering a performance the audience considers headbob-worthy, to say the least.

Femme-punk outfit Two Funerals are more memorable musically, especially in the last song of the set (“about being fed up with racist sexist sh**”), which goes dangerously gentle and reflective for a spell before it blows up in your eardrums. - Commonwealth Times

"Live Review - P.S. Eliot, The Two Funerals, Very Okay, Big Soda"

The Two Funerals from Richmond, Virginia were up next. I personally hadn't heard their music except for a few songs on their MySpace page. The band ripped through a tight punk, riot-grrrl sounding set. They play the aforementioned “Boy's Club” and another new song called “Last Time,” which will appear on an upcoming release. “I'm still gonna write the record,” singer Shannon said, even though she's been seeing more women musicians within punk. The song comes from the band's forthcoming release of the same name, Boys Club, which will be released on The Cottage Records in late 2010. Drummer Dominique was wild on the drums. It was interesting to watch her just rock out. Her drumming was quite impressive, loud, and fast. Kyler from the instrumental rock band, Field Day, who fills in for Abby on bass did a supper job. It's clear from the band Tell Yr Story 7'' which I picked up that night that they write songs of empowerment and change. The record says this "is for everyone who has a story they need to tell but no one will tell yr story!." It 's nice to have that sort of encouragement. That sort of realization that you're not alone. That sort of inspiration. If you're into punk, garage, or riot-grrrl, this band is for you. - Star Beat Music

"The Two Funerals - "Tell Yr Story""

Like it or not, punk rock (and likely music in general) is primarily a boy's club. It can often be heard that many fans "don't enjoy female vocals" or "don't like girl bands." Those that do make it seem to be identified solely by their gender, either being pigeonholed as the angry girl band or (worse yet) being dolled up and sold as sex with a side of music. However, there have been a few acts who have stood up and made punk, and sometimes even music in general, question its own preconceptions and reevaluate its own boy's club policies. The Two Funerals appear to be seeking to carry this torch for a new age of music fans.

Their latest release, Tell Yr Story, is a great encapsulation of what the band is capable of in three songs. The opener, "Intro/Western Apathy" starts with about a minute-and-a-half musical intro that's reminiscent of Eternal Cowboy-era Against Me!. It's a great little bit that has you tapping your foot and bobbing your head before the vocals even start. Once the vocals kick in, you get a ripping fast pace of shouting, group "whoa-oh"s and some great riffs. Even at four-and-a-half minutes the track seems over before it starts, heading into the next one.

"Grey Skies" is probably my least favorite of the group but that doesn't mean it's a weak track. The track opens with a mellow riff akin to imadethismistake's "It's Okay" that belies the overall sound. Quickly, "Grey Skies" explodes with screaming vocals of "what's the point in listening when all you say is racist sexist shit?" Ultimately, the screaming vocals are integral to the track, highlighting the frustration of lines like, "I'll keep singing until yr (sic) ready to listen." Still, I've never been a fan of that type of delivery and it does make the track a little harsher than the two surrounding it.

Closing out the album is "We're Still Alive," a track that attempts to encompass death, religion, social change and learning to change the world in tiny steps. It seems like a track that wouldn't work, or would end up a jumbled mess of ideas and concepts. Yet, in their surprisingly simple and heartfelt way, the Two Funerals pull it off, seemingly without effort. It's a beautiful closer that offers hope, even for people who don't believe in a great beyond.

The Two Funerals are not changing music as an art but they're attempting to use it as a weapon, and doing so remarkably well. The EP is filled with enough musical talent, great songwriting and energy to keep the boys club on its toes. Tell Yr Story is a great EP and the perfect way to introduce people to them as a band and not a "girl band." -

"The Two Funerals - "...Invade Poland""

…Invade Poland is the debut release from Blacksburg Virginia’s punk rock trio The Two Funerals. Filled with more energy than a lightning bolt, the 10 songs contained on their homemade / distributed album showcase Dominique, Shannon and Abby’s politically-infused punk rock angst and demeanor. In response to being labeled as “Femi-Nazis”, the trio humorously named their debut …Invade Poland and have created several anthems to bang your head to while getting your political activism on this year. The Two Funerals have cited such inspirations as Peaches, Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre, and can be compared to such bands as Anti-Flag, Guttermouth, Bikini Kill and the U.S. Bombs. Look out for their shows this summer in Virginia and elsewhere along the East Coast. -

"Show Review: Screaming Females, The Two Funerals, Bodycop, Little Master"

I have no good excuse for why it has taken me so long to see The Two Funerals. This was the perfect crowd for the band and there were grins across the room. The core of the group relies heavily on their three-piece structure and has a wonderful penchant for writing up tempo punk tunes that incorporate strong, catchy melodies. I see that The Two Funerals will be playing fairly frequently in Richmond for the next couple months. If you haven’t already, this is a band to become familiar with. - RVA magazine


2006 - "Invade Poland" self released CD-r recorded by Tim Kirk in Floyd, VA

2007 - song on "5 4 Whoa compilation" on Chimney Sweep Records

2008 - "Tell Yr Story" 7" on The Cottage Records recorded by Tim Kirk

2010 - song on yet untitled compilation on Paper + Plastick records
2010/11 - "Boy's Club" 7" on Rorschach Records out of Richmond, VA



We met in high school in Blacksburg, VA in 2004. Played a ton of shows there and worked on our sound.

In 2006 we were split up at different colleges but still played, and recorded our first full length. We still played as much as possible even though we lived in different towns.

2009 we were reunited in Richmond, VA. Started working on more songs, changed lineup when Abby had to move to Boston.

We want to keep writing songs about what we care about and play shows as much as possible!!