The Two Man Gentlemen Band

The Two Man Gentlemen Band

 New York City, New York, USA

New York City's Best Dressed Two Man Band! The Two Man Gentlemen Band delivers quirky, original circus-country and dixieland-swing with plectrum banjo, string bass, foot percussion, kazoos, & a triangle. Tight harmonies, matching suspenders, and good old Vaudevillian charm!


With toe-tapping rhythms, uproarious lyrics, impeccably tailored outfits, and perfectly charming manners; The Two Man Gentlemen Band is nothing if not fun! Whether they're performing in a city park, on a subway platform, in a rowdy tavern, or a festival stage, the unstoppable duo of Andy Bean and Fuller Condon always gets the audience smiling.

The Gentlemen combine early-jazz, old-timey, and circus-country styles to create a joyous two-man sound that is all their own. It is an approach they honed during three years of regular busking in New York City’s Central Park. Asked to describe themselves, The Gentlemen declare, “We sound exactly how two young men in old-fashioned suits, playing banjo, kazoos, and a bass fiddle ought to sound... fun!”

Though their style may be anachronistic, the band is not content playing songs from a bygone era. Instead, The Gentlemen’s repertoire consists mainly of original compositions. Their quirky tunes about such varied topics as badminton, mathematics, zeppelin crashes, and corn liquor display the type of wry wit and erudition one would expect from a gentleman. Combine this with the band’s dynamic stage show (which always features dozens of free kazoos for the audience!) and you have yourself a good old fashioned musical spectacle!

Off the stage, these two young men remain perfectly well mannered. This gentlemen business is no act! They tip their hats for ladies, say Sir and Ma’am, and even provide “Lessons in Etiquette” on the band’s website. Seldom are they seen without hats, neck-ties, and cheerful expressions. The Two Man Gentlemen Band looks forward to meeting you!


"Great Calamities", 2006
(Serious Business Records)

"The Two Man Gentlemen Band", 2005
(Serious Business Records)

Set List

The Two Man Gentlemen Band's current repertoire consists of over 30 originals and 30 covers. The Gentlemen can perform well over 3 hours of music and can tailor their performance to emphasize the genre of your choosing: dixieland, country, swing, bluegrass, jug, irish, etc.