The Tyrant Lizard Kings

The Tyrant Lizard Kings


If you like your JD straight, your moustaches handle-barred and your music with a heavy dose of brutality, The Tyrant Lizard Kings need your number... Expect pedal to the metal fuel and fire!


Formed in Edinburgh in 2001 by Stu (guitar and vocals), Chris (vocals and bass) and Alex (drums), the Tyrant Lizard Kings quickly got a raw, feedback-laden stoner rock groove going and started gathering a strong fanbase. After a short tour, a line-up change saw Graeme take over on drums. The twisted noise of before slowly began to shift in a new direction, with a more structured take on rock and blues, referencing Motorhead and Karma to Burn. The tunes were now more immediate and catchy hooks began to emerge beneath the riffs. December 2005 saw the release of their first album,"Attack of the Tyrant Lizard Kings", to glowing reviews.

The following two years saw the Tyrants playing far and wide in support of their debut, supporting such luminaries as Clutch, Viking Skull, Brandt Bjork, Alabama Thunderpussy and Orange Goblin. They soon gained a reputation for their uncompromising shows, cemented by a formidable live sound and their abrasive sense of humour.

By the end of 2007, writing songs for the next album was the bands main focus. Showcasing a more melodic side, yet still retaining much of their original heaviness, the new material quickly gathered them a wider audience while keeping their established fans more than happy. By June 2008, the guys were ensconced in Chambers Studio in Edinburgh recording their second LP.

With a release date set for February 2009 through Wasted State Records, the Tyrants are ready to take their own brand of sleazy, stoner-pop to the masses.

Rex n Roll Baby, Rex n Roll…


Attack Of The Tyrant Lizard Kings(Self Released, 2005)
Six Shooter(Wasted State, 2009)

Set List

anywhere between 6 and 15... Usual set is about 35/45 mins