The Tyrezz Project Music Division

The Tyrezz Project Music Division


A Unique and eclectic blend of sound. Music ranging from all genres.


So how did I get into music? It all started in my younger days. When I was around 5 years old, I started playing the keyboard. I had a cheap, hand-me-down, 25-key keyboard with some of the keys actually missing on it. But it was good enough. I would look at TV and play the tunes that I heard off of various shows. Around the age of 7, I began to develop a more intimate knowledge of music and I eventually started creating my own, more complex, tunes. I continued to keep up with it through the years, steadily creating and developing my skills. As I grew older, it became more clear that this was starting to become a passion of mine. I never looked back. I've been playing and composing music for about 16 years now.

I listened to a lot of Jazz and Classical music back in the day, and I still listen to it today. These 2 genres of music have been, and will always be, my greatest influence. This allowed me to have a greater understanding of all other musical genres. Invariably that would have a lasting impression on me.

Some of my greatest musical influences (all around) are:
-Miles Davis
-Herbie Hancock
-Glenn Gould
-The Dave Brubeck Quartet
-Norman Brown
-George Gershwin
-John Coltrane
-Bob Marley
-Parliament Funkadelic
-Jimi Hendrix
-J dilla

Keep in mind, these are just a few names. A lot of my influence came from the music of countless musicians I don't even know the names of.
My musical taste is very wide. I listen to everything. I love hip-hop and world music, rock, funk, you name it. It all plays a huge role in my music.
As a musician, I can really appreciate the diversity because it expresses different ideas and feelings. I like a lot of variety when it comes to "musical food".


Still Chilled (2008) SWAMP Records