The Ugly Beats

The Ugly Beats

 Austin, Texas, USA

Traditional 60s Garage and 70s Powerpop


The Ugly Beats formed in January 2003. Before striking their first note the band promptly wound the clock all the way back to 1966 and has left it there ever since. Armed with Paul Revere, Ventures and Easybeats records, the four guys and one gal quickly whipped up a list of favorite obscure cover songs as long as one arm and a pile of folk-rockin’ original tunes as long as the other. In their six years of existence the band has managed to release two terrific records on Get Hip Recordings, “Bring on the Beats” and “Take a Stand with the Ugly Beats”, and has busted guitar strings, drumsticks, and bar tabs throughout Texas and the U.S., Mexico, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Spain (where the band enjoys a large following) since making their debut in their beloved hometown of Austin. Known for their highly energetic live shows and a special bond with their audiences, it’s only a matter of time before the Ugly Beats are in your brain and on your hi-fi. You must obey the Beats!


Bring on the Beats (Get Hip Recordings LP/CD)
Take a Stand (Get Hip Recordings LP/CD)
Options by the Pound b/w Can't Cut Through (Get Hip Recordings 7" Single)
I'll Come Again (Licorice Tree V/A "Shakin in My Boots")
***Third full-length record to be released on Get Hip Recordings early 2010

Set List

15-25 songs, depending on how long clubs want us to play. Mix of original garage/powerpop tunes with obscure classics from mid-60s and late-70s (Easybeats, Ventures, Back from the Grave, Saints, Nikki & Corvettes).