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Kansas City, MO | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Kansas City, MO
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative




"the uk’s, american way of death"

"At a very important time, Kansas City-based alt garage rock band The UK’s has released a 5-track EP, affectionately and poignantly titled American Way of Death. From the very first, melancholic sounds of “Why Don’t You Go” – which hits a stride that makes you want to add it to your “walking the streets of the city like a badass” playlist – through the 60s punk-influenced soundscape of “Wake Up”, all the way through third track “AWOD” which follows suit, there is an electricity that makes you realize that incredibly underrated music comes from the midwest. (Hello, Holy White Hounds and Mess!)
Cut to “The Poison Squad” and you’ve got a track we could easily find ourselves barbecuing to on a chilly autumn day, dancing to at a sweaty basement party, or driving to down the Kansas City streets. It all comes to a head with fifth and final track “Other Team”, which brings in that fun, vintage, upbeat feel again. If you’re not careful, you just might find yourselves on the ceiling too…" - Meredith Schneider at Imperfect Fifth


"The UK’s sophomore EP is an arguably more reigned in sound than previous work. Opening the record with the radio-ready “Why Don’t You Go”, the four minute rock number is the only warning you’ll get for what you’re about to dive into. Pulling from classic rock, as well as contemporary, influences, the UK’s boast a well-rounded sound from front to back. Any one of these five tracks could be featured as a single. The UK’s really hit a stride on American Way Of Death, and the EP opens up a new door for what’s next for the band." - Stevie Ervay at Playlistplay

"Flatland Digital Magazine"

“The UKs play a gritty vintage-inspired rock that draws from a lot of influences, including classic rock, punk, blues rock, and early metal...There is a raw, pounding drive to the UKs music that just flat out rocks and feeds off some distant nostalgia. Everything on the album, from the chunky guitar riffs to the clearly focused production choices, sounds vintage...On the whole, “Bad Seed” is a very strong debut effort and certainly makes a case that the UKs have a bright future ahead.” - Dan Calderon

"KC Showcase: The UK's"

"In my string of shows that's populated my month I went to another album release show and it was for a band called The UK's and god damn if you want one awesomely high energy show by a group of some hungry young rockers then this band would be right up your alley.

These guy's have a sound that's kind of a combination of the Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, and The Arctic Monkeys and their debut album Bad Seed a conceptual album about a drug dealer who falls in love, get's his heart broken, and eventually goes on a killing spree that leads you through a series of solidly great rockers that range from the awesomely catchy opener Bad Seed which is a definite highlight in my opinion with it's who-oh's and solidly steady guitar work, the emotionally heartbreaking Delia and how she's gone away, and ending with the straight up rocker Trigger Man and all it's abrasive musical nature all end up forming a very nice collection of 10 songs to establish a newly branded rock group looking to make it big.

While the album is very solid I will say that these track are especially meant to shine when played in a live environment because this band really does put on quite an energetic show that brings a certain level of chaos to plenty of this albums strongest songs.

Also even with this album recorded they managed to debut a couple of newer tracks that in their early stages and are quite bad ass and showcase really well that this band is just getting started and the creative process isn't going to be stopping any day soon.

This is some good stuff and I highly advise going on Spotify and giving it a listen because Bad Seed is quite a damn great song that can hopefully get some traction on radio here soonish and of course if you want to see if the hype is real you can see these guy's playing shows all around the Kansas City area...which if you can I'd very much say you set your calendar and give their show a visit and maybe pick up a CD you won't be disappointed." - Sam Kali at Sam's Song of the Day


The UK's "Bad Seed" LP Release scheduled for April 23, 2016

Uncountable Kings EP



The UK's are an alternative rock/punk outfit from Kansas City, Missouri. With a wide and always growing variety of musical influences, their music is a blend of everything from classics such as The Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin to punk bands such as The Clash and FIDLAR.

Noah Bartelt (Vocals/Guitar), Scott Combs (Guitar/Vocals), Tarquin Kellough (Drums/Vocals), and Katelyn Miles (Bass) comprise the human element and creative mind behind The UK's.

The UK's new EP, "American Way of Death" was released on November 17th, 2018. Their follow up release to their 2016 debut album "Bad Seed", features their single "The Poison Squad" released in March of 2018 and four more head turning tracks.

Many of The UK's tracks are consistently featured on FM, college, and internet radio stations and all of their music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIDAL, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

RIYL: Cage the Elephant, The White Stripes, FIDLAR, Arctic Monkeys

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