The Ukulady

The Ukulady

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Armed with her trusty ukulele and a fleet of glitter ponies, The Ukulady is a quirky songstress, who blends music and comedy into a cupcake of indie-pop melodies for kids and adults!


Born in an electric storm at home in Northern California to progressive artist-intellectuals, Thessaly Lerner, The Ukulady is a Creative Force of Nature! After roller-skating across the Emerson College graduation stage for her BFA in Acting, she spent 8 years in San Francisco creating comedic theatricals, before relocating to LA, where she became The Ukulady, feverishly writing hundreds of songs.

Along with various puppet and imaginary friendsies, The Ukulady campaigns for The Downfall of Evil with Comedy & Heart-on-a-Sleeve music for all ages.

A Youtube Partner with over 2 million hits, The Ukulady has opened for Dr. Demento, been featured on National Lampoon Radio, KPFK’s “Uke Spotlight”, the New York Ukulele Festival, Kate Wolf Festival, Venetian Hotel in Vegas, Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory, and Comedy Store & and hosted her own variety show, which ran in Hollywood for 9 months.

The Ukulady has done hundreds of voiceovers for clients including Disney, Nickelodeon, WB Kids, Leapfrog Toys, and MTVGirl, and is known as the Teen Girl on the Sims 2 videogame franchise.

Most recently, The Ukulady shared the stage with Wavy Gravy, Patch Adams, Gabby La La, was the Grand Marshal of the “How Berkeley Can You Be” Parade, and wrote 6 holiday jingles for’s “Sendables” greeting cards, featuring the Ukulady & animated rainbow unicorns! The Ukulady is the signature musical artist of Downtown LA’s Artwalk and performs regularly in LA and the SF/Bay Area.

Likened to the love child of Sarah Silverman and Joanna Newsom, The Ukulady's artistic influences include the Magnetic Fields, Gilda Radner, Gabby La La and Planet Unicorn, Hey.


The Ukulady's first album, Banned From Canters, was released in 2008. Her second album will be released in early 2010.

Set List

The Ukulady plays shows from 15 minutes to 2 hours! Adult and Kids sets available! Covers include 80's hits and 80's TV Theme songs!
1. Magic of Friendship
2. Mississippi
3. Pipecleanerboy
4. Flowerweek
5. Heart Binoculars
6. Butterbots & Spiderdroids
7. Heart like Popcorn
8. Ninjas in Pajamas
9. Guitar Hero Fever
10. Postcard
11. Sunday Worship
12. Who Can We Hate?
13. Jenna Bush is my Myspace Friend
14. Michael Jackson Medley
15. Laverne & Shirley Theme
16. Cupcakes & Art