The Ultimate Symphony Band

The Ultimate Symphony Band


We are a Gospel Band that play up temple music from the caribbean like: Ska, Mento, Reggae, Soca and Praise gospel and others.


The Ulitmate Symphony Band is not like any other band. What set us apart is the way we perform on stage and the instruments that we use to play and our big PA system that can accommodate any size audience in or out doors. every performence that we do is live never from any tracks. Our lyrics is gospel, but our music is caribbean rhythm to make everyone dance and ous Praise gospel is to touch everyone soul. We love what we do, so our performence is 100% all the time.


We are working on our album right now. But we do have songs that get air play an local radio in our area from our Demo CD. plus we have some performance of when we just started on my and u

Set List

for each shows that we do;we do 2 sets which somtimes run 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. Some of our songs are original and some are cover.