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The Umbrella People

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Let it Rain"

Let It Rain
Table Hopping Magazine
Josh Williams

There is a new sound in the Cuse. The Umbrella People are a unique four-piece band capable of breathing new life into the music scene. The Members of The Umbrella People first decided to put their musical talents to use while students at S.U.N.Y. Oswego. They have worked together in one project or another for the better part of two years. There is palpable synchronized unity to the band which can be felt in their deep grooves and noticed more so by many and deliberate changes. It is almost as if the floodgates of creativity have been opened and these guys are just trying to keep up with themselves. Every song has some particularly cool feature to it. It might be a funky riff or a bass solo, a tumble-dry drum roll, or an a capella rap. The chemistry they demonstrate as a group reflects their excellent musicianship as well as each members understanding of how best to contribute to the collective sound. One of the greatest aspects of this outfit is just how each member is given the freedom to live out any musical ideas he has. For example, three of the four members are vocalists, each with their own distinctive style. When any these guys come up with lyrical ideas for songs the rest of the band welcomes it and does their part to accompany the verses, whether it be by instrument of backing vocal. The rotation of lyricist/vocalist is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the local music scene for some time. Often times, as a listener, I may grow tired of the singer’s personality regardless of the quality of music supporting that lead singer. The Umbrella People have selflessly solved that dilemma and made themselves more creative by doing so.

Joe Micheletti (23), is the premier song-writing genius of the group. At rehearsals many works in progress are simply titled “Joe 1,2, or 3" until the finalized version is decided upon. Though I promised the band I would not draw comparisons to other bands, I fell I must reiterate the comments made by other friends at their most recent show at Mezzanotte Café. Micheletti’s vocals style was compared to Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins. Nick Mazzeo (22), The group’s beat-influenced poet, started the show off with some fierce word delivery that brought the name Beasties Boys into conversation. Having gotten to know Mazzeo a little bit over the past month, I wouldn’t disagree, however there is much more to the intellectual range this cat possesses. Chris Frank (21) is arguably the most animated member of The People. He provides the low-end on bass. Chris would be the one bouncing around the stage. It was obvious from the start that here was another musician with years of skill building experience behind him. Chris is also very active in the song wrtitng process. Frank makes a huge contribution to the group in terms of energy he brings to practice and performances. When the name Rage Against The Machine was mentioned it was probably as a result of the voltage kicked out by Frank on bass lines and vocals. Frank makes playing bass and singing as easy as walking and chewing gum. The drummer, Matt Cole, is the old man of the quartet. He could also be considered the “Silent Beatle” since he is the only one who doesn’t share vocal responsibilities. In all fairness to Matt, he does have his hands full. This guy is one of the sickest young drummers I have ever seen. I recall seeing Cole play with Oswego’s Solid State when I was still a student up there. I knew then that the kid hit hard an never missed a beat. It is truly exciting to see him working in a more creative endeavor such as The Umbrella People. During the Mezzanotte show we could see care exhaust billowing up behind cole through the picture window. It was a very fitting visual because you’d swear he set those drum skins on fire. Which might account for why allusions were being made to early Led Zeppelin.
Although The Umbrella People might make you think of some of the most original bands in history, they are in the midst of creating a new sound, all their own, with limitless possiblities.
- Josh Williams, Table Hopping Magazine


Debut Cd is set to be released in spring of 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Band Bio

The Umbrella People are a quartet of musicians from upstate New York. Though they have worked with each other in some way or another over the last four years, the formation of The Umbrella People occurred in the winter of 2003. They have since been hard at work creating a totally unique and original sound blending all styles and genres of music. Also, they incorporate poetry and spoken word into their distinct style that is hard to classify and is unmistakably different. The roots of this project are imbedded in rock they frequently branch out to incorporate many styles from the past and present. Despite this contrast, each song has its own hook and fluidity to it. This subtlety has left audiences wanting more over the past two years.
Each member of the band has put lots of time into perfecting their respective craft. Whether it was schooling or hours in the shed, The Umbrella People have always maintained a rigorous rehearsal schedule. The People are getting better all the time and this noticed by fans and musicians alike. The Umbrella People are always searching for ways to enhance themselves, the music, and their live shows. Though the band is still in its baby stages T.U.P. has always tried and maintained a level of professionalism that is uncommon in most young bands.
The Umbrella People are trying to spread their music anyway they can, and do their versatility; they are able to play many different venues and events. They have played Jam Festivals, a Jazz Festival., and even a Hip Hop Festival. Also, The People have entertained audiences from bars to rock clubs all over New York State. They are looking to spread their music further and are willing to play anywhere. The Umbrella People are a new band with a new sound and are anxious for people to hear it. Thanks for checking out our electronic press kit.