The Unattended

The Unattended


If Weezer, NOFX, The Police, The Clash, and Sublime got into a royal rumble, the aftermath would be The Unattended!! A melodic medly of Rock, Punk, Ska, and Reggae, with bursts of pure insanity. We recommend that you leave your grandma at home!!


Be afraid... Be very afraid!! NY hasn't seen a band like this in ages. Just when you thought it was safe to stand in the front row.. Think again!! The Unattended bring back the rock, the punk, the ska, the reggae, and the fun!!! In a world full of emo cry baby tight pants mascara wearin' rich kids, there is one band that will make the journey. One band that will take the stand, will not cry, whine, or complain about their girlfriends. In a land before time... there were bands like The Police, The Clash, The Specials... bands that didn't give a crap what you thought. And now there is The Unattended... bringing you the rawness, the sweat, and the smells of pure rock goodness. The band includes native New Yorkers Brendan Styles, Keith Thompson, Steve Goldstein, Brian Wishin, and the #1 Connecticut Guitarist Steve Bertrand! The Unattended are keeping it street level. The five members have been in previous bands such as White Trash (Elektra Records) and White Pigs (Relativity Records) selling hundreds of thousands of albums. This collaboration of pure awesomeness started about a year ago to bring-to-life a project that Brendan has been perfecting in his mind for years. Influenced by The Police, NoFX, Black Sabbath, and The Clash, The Unattended's audience members enjoy a mix of old and new sounds as well as a good dose of pure chaos! Let the madness begin...

Set List

We'll play 12 songs in 40 minutes!!!
Four Leaf Clover
Red Room
Grain of Sand
Pretty Little Baby
I will see you there
Hindu Rock
What I'm Looking For