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The Uncle Brothers

Orangeburg, New York, United States | INDIE

Orangeburg, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Children's Music


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The Uncle Brothers,
Monkey's Uncle
(Producer Dan Jenks, 2007)

Monkey's Uncle is the third album by the Uncle Brothers. All songs but one (a "bonus track optimist slant cover," as they call it, of the Frank Sinatra ditty "High Hopes") on this album are original songs. Each song has an inherent message or lesson, or "character education traits" (as the Uncle Brothers put it).

This is not only an album that entertains, it also educates. There's a message of touching sentiment of "Precious Cargo," a lesson about social responsibility and consideration in "Power of Words." "I'm Not Good Yet" offers advice to children about patience and persistence to achieve their goals. There's an appreciative nature for the unsung (and underpaid) heroes of every child's life in "Hurray for the Teachers!" And a bonus track displays respect and love in "Mother's Day Song."
There are also some just-for-fun songs on the album. "PBJ" has a limbo jive while listing all kinds of peanut butter concoctions (some delicious, some not so much). The long list of characters/costumes and candy descriptions of "Halloween Parade" are sure to jumpstart a child's imagination and everyone's appetite. And "Pool Party" will have parent and child alike wanting to fire up the grill, inflate the pool toys and grab a bathing suit and towel.
Monkey's Uncle is a great album for children. It generates a positive and educational mood while avoiding being trite and cliched like so many other children's albums. In other words, this is a very tolerable album for parents -- they even have "Parent Friendly" cleverly printed on the album jacket. Short of having the "PBJ" song stuck in your head, feel safe and encouraged to get this album for your kids.
- review by C. Nathan Coyle

""I loved watching the Uncle Brothers!""

"I loved watching the Uncle Brothers and you will too. The kids were totally involved, had a great time, and learned meaningful things (messages) as well" - Bob McGrath from Sesame Street

""Positive Messages!""

"I cannot compliment The Uncle Brothers enough for doing something special and through their music bringing these positive messages to the world." - Larry Harmon, Bozo The Clown


The Uncle Brothers, Danny Quinn & Tom Gardner (no they're not actually brothers) sneak in all sorts of serious messages-plus some played just for laughs-on catchy acoustic pop tunes. The folksy toe-tapper"It's All There at The Library" advocates reading, the guitar ballad "Talk To Me" encourages kids to lend an ear to someone in need, while Dixieland flavored "Everybody's Gettin' Around" simply takes a funny look at various modes of transportation. - Family Fun magazine Nov. '03


"Delightful & Entertaining!" - Parents Guide Magazine

"Moms, Dads, Kids, Like The Uncle Brothers!"

"Their tunes are catchy, their lyrics unforgettable-and best of all, their music doesn't grate on the nerves of adults (like so much other kids music)" - Gannett Journal News, Mar, 28, '03

"Just Say Uncle A Hit!"

Music with a message is the theme of this collection of songs from Danny Quinn & Tom Gardner. The 15 original songs address such topics as saying no to drugs, the importance of not smoking, and how to deal with being teased, all set to rock and roll, reggae, and Dixieland beats. Also included are songs that speak to the importance of writing thank you letters, doing homework, and saying you're sorry.

Fun tunes such as "The Man In The Moose" and the cumulative song "Say Uncle!" are mixed in with more didactic numbers such as "I Will Never Smoke", "Courage", and "Just Say No To Drugs".

The inclusion of children singing some of the choruses and in some of the introductions and the catchy melodies make this a welcome addition to public library collections for youngsters as well as for classroom lessons on character building and drug prevention.

Veronica Schwartz, Des Plaines Public Library, IL - School Library Journal (Sept, '04)


"Mooseltoe", Snappy Holidays from The Uncle Brothers (awards pending)

"Monkey's Uncle" (2004 Parents Choice Award SILVER HONORS,)

"Two Big Kids" (2001 Parents Choice Award, Parents Guide Award, Children's Music Web Award 2001 "Best New Artist)

"Just Say Uncle!" (Parents Guide Award, Recommended, 2002 Parents Choice Award, Recommended, "Best New Audio" Family Fun Magazine A-List (Nov. 03), Editors Pick, The Library Journal, (Sept, '04)

"Songs For Schools: Positive Choices" Parents Choice, iParenting

"Songs For Schools: Reading & Songs To Spark Imagination" (New 2007)

"Don't Miss The Boat" Uncle Danny (Danny Quinn), 1998 Parents Guide Award

"Kangaroo Waffles & other Treasure" Tommy Gardner (New 2007)

"My Candy Tree, Songs For Younger Children" Tommy Gardner - Winner, 2004 Parents Choice Award, Recommended, Children's Music Web 2004 BEST SONG ('My Candy Tree") and BEST ALBUM

"Dizzy Chickens" Tommy Gardner (due out winter/spring 2010)

"Music Bus", Uncle Danny (preschool-kindergarten)



Tom 'Tommy' Gardner joined Danny Quinn to form The Uncle Brothers in 1998 after co-writing several tracks on Danny's "Don't Miss The Boat" CD for children. He has been a singer- songwriter for many years but really found his niche after The Uncle Brothers was born, writing dozens of songs both with Danny and solo. His song, "Rainbow" (Two Big Kids) won the KidSing 2001 songwriting contest (grand prize) and his other songs won several John Lennon Songwriting awards. Tommy performs solo for younger children (preschool to about 7 years old) as well as older kids and families (same as The Uncle Brothers). He has three solo CDs; "My Candy Tree, Songs For Younger Children (ages 2-7) and "Kangaroo Waffles & Other Treasure" (ages 4-12), and "Dizzy Chickens" (ages 3-12)

Tom has appeared on WFUD, WRCR, WLIR, Rockland World Radio, and several local TV appearances.

The Uncle Brothers are unique because they manage to perform music with a message when necessary (schools, churches, libraries, etc) or just a flat out fun for the whole family concert with original music and standards, but in a manner that appeals to adults as well as children.

Their CDs (see discography) have won many awards including Parents Choice, Parents Guide, Children's Music Web Award (Best New Artist), John Lennon Song Writing Awards, iParenting ,and others.

In 2009, Danny opened Danny Quinns (, Irish Pub & Restaurant on Martha's Vineyard and is on temporary (maybe permanent) leave from The Uncle Brothers. Tom has designed this band so Danny will have a place on stage if his life's journey ever brings him back.