The Underdog Theory
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The Underdog Theory

Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Hip Hop


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"The Underdog Theory EP Review"

The Underdog Theory are a five piece from Ayrshire who want to bring music that has never been heard before, to the masses. Their release, The Underdog Theory EP does just that. It’s an exciting mix of genres, sounds and stories from a band that I’ll be watching out for.

A throaty repeated sample turns and turns on the opener, “Reality Cheque” as we are greeted by a Scottish vocal that sounds natural rather than forced. The tight playing is re-enforced by additions such as strings placed into the mix well. The third track, “Captain Kirk”, is a strange fish. They’re a whirling phased guitar, and an acoustic which channel both deepest, darkest space (Kirk) and the small child that yurns for his dream of journeying the universe. The track steps up a gear and the sounds become more otherworldly – a radio-received vocal from the shuttle, as the track waves goodbye.

Things take a different turn with “Spirit of the Underdog” where the track takes a decidedly more hip-hop direction featuring MoS of Duo Crew 54. The track cleverly allows space for an established rap artist without sacrificing their sound. Lyrically, the collaboration works well, one of my favourites is when rapper MoS gives his support to the band – ”cause the underdog, they’re about to play it/ everybody make noise, go ape shit!”

Closer “Weapons” is expectantly upbeat, ending the album on a high note. It breaks down and slows right down towards the end providing a breather for performer and punter alike. The longest track at over five minutes, it leaves a suitable mark and never overstays its welcome.

The album benefits from fantastic production on the whole, including small details that really help to paint the pictures in the listeners head. There’s such a great variety to the album, helped by strong song writing that I can’t help but be impressed.

Rating – 9/10

- Matthew Slater - Matthew Slater/Ark Magazine Glasgow

"The Underdog Theory Furys, Ayr"

As far as hype goes, This was one of the biggest buzz gigs for a new band in West of Scotland history. Having already accumulated more than 2,000 fans on Facebook before they`de even played live their was an air of expectation gripping Ayr tonight. More than 200 people packed into Fury`s nightclub to see a band who had so far made their name with high quality and original self-produced tracks. With this amount of interest there was bound to be a bit of pressure not that you would notice it from the guys as they set up their gear and went onto play a storming set with a confident stage presence and a great sound throughout.

They opened with a surprising cover version which was Kanye Wests `Golddigger` it may have seemed a strange way to kick of proceedings but as soon as lead singer Marc Welby kicked it off accapella style and Taay started flowing effortlessly suddenly it all made sense. It really gave every member of the band a chance to show what they could do and get the crowd to put their Friday night dancing shoes on.

Next they played a couple of new tracks the crowd had never heard before but pretty much gained the full command and respect of the heaving crowd. Its hard to pin this band down. They have an almost metal edge, A scottish rapper and a soulful singer and it all these different styles blend to make something unique. The bass-lines make you want to jump around as soon as a song kicks in so credit to the enigmatic Stefan Bone for that. They then added another few cover versions showing incredible diversity from Foo Fighters then the Flobots However, their version of `Deeper Underground` was a joy to behold and in my opinion the pick of the bunch. They really nailed what was a very tough song that I have never witnessed anyone else attempt in the live arena.

But it was the final 3 tracks that the audience had been waiting for that really got the party started. `Spirit of the Underdog` a down n dirty catchy hip hop ditty sounded just as good if not better than the recorded version that normally features U.S rapper MOS from Crew 54. Taay spat fire and never missed a beat or dropped a lyric to catch his breath (the reverse is usually all too common in the genre) and it the overall sound was huge as the full band gave it an almost Rage Against the Machine feel to it that even had someone dressed as Jerry from Tom n Jerry bouncing along to it.

The sing-a-long moment though was reserved for the epic `No Chance Love` which gave Welby the chance to show off his vocal range over the haunting guitars of Danny Paton and top drawer drumming from Colin Irving. The song has HIT written all over it and could be stuck in your head for days.

Its safe to say though that they saved the best for last with `Reality Cheque` a song about the state of commercial music. A little nod to Linkin Park on the guitars, Angry flowing poetry from Taay and note perfect singing from Welby who plays devils advocate during the song and boasts `Im on the ladder where are you?` as Taay refuses his offer of commercial success `you had the X, What happens next?... I dont want to be a V.I.P` A fantastic finale that had everything.

In my opinion it wont be long till these guys are on the ladder and setting it on fire. Still a young band with a lot to learn and a lot to prove but they have all the right ingredients, Tick all the right boxes and are making real music that stands out from the crowd. They definitely have the ability and desire to go on and do something really special. You can check them out at: - Mark Andrews/Music News Scotland


The Underdog Theory EP - a seven track debut EP



When you’re an underdog, a scrappy newcomer, your core fans can identify with you. When you get big, your earliest fans have trouble identifying with you anymore, and they drift away to find another band that can be meaningful to them again. The Underdog Theory aim to prove that you can have keep the core fans and create a sound that the world will love. 5 completely different individuals with 5 completely different styles and influences making the music that they want to hear. It should sound horrible and it shouldn't mix, but when these guys play together it really works and it is something genuinely refreshing to hear in todays industry.