The Undergrind

The Undergrind

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

This is grown man rap. We also like to call it adult contemporary Hip Hop! Lyrics with substance sprinkled over banging Hip Hop beats is the formula. Once the music reaches your eardrum it's easy to understand what The Undergrind is all about!


Here's the deal, we all know that there are powers in numbers. Two independent artists, Mirage512(Austin, TX) and Side Effect (Philly,PA) have joined forces to present to you a collective known as The Undergrind! Two emcees who focus on lyrics and substance trading bars about real life issues that the adult Hip Hop consumer can relate to. Mirage512 and Side Effect have released several albums and mixtapes respectively as solo artists, and have now created a grassroots movement to bring The Undergrind brand to the masses. This is something that you truly need to hear!


2013: "The Undergrind" Mixtape

2013: "The Undergrind" EXCLUSIVE Re-Mixtape

2013: Single: "So Real" (Dee-Metto Remix)

2013: Single: "Lights Out" (Dee-Metto Remix)

Set List

Our performance is a captivating set that focuses on lyrical content and call/response interaction with the crowd. We tend to mix freestyle verses and complete songs for added variety. Our set usually lasts around 20-30 minutes. If we are asked to perform longer or shorter than that, we will.