The Undergrounds

The Undergrounds

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If Hendrix, Zeppelin, Syd Barret/Pink Floyd, and the Beatles had a baby it would be named the Undergrounds. Highly influenced by the 60s psychedelic music scene, especially syd barrett and the pink floyd. Rock and Roll Swagger. Raw sound, feedback. Vintage drums.


We truly believe that we're doing something not too many people are doing with our music. We're a two piece, which has its difficulties, but we make it work and most of the time you don't even realize there's no bass. We're rock and roll. I mean real rock and roll, with fuzzy tone and raw sound. We are what's missing in music right now. It's time we let the cat out of the bag.

Set List

Typical set is about 30-45 minutes. That can be 10-12 songs. Songs include Crazy World, Leaving You Ain't Easy, Celestial Navigation, Morning Haze, Zombie, Lucy Leave, Hi-Ho Silver, Holiday, etc. We do some covers of the early Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Chuck Berry, or others of the sort.