The Underscore Orkestra

The Underscore Orkestra


we are a high energy, danceable fusion of gypsy swing, klezmer, jazz, eastern european and other folk music from around the world. we play a blend of traditional music with new and interesting twists as well as original composistions. Each show is an adventure through the past, present, and future.


A travlin band, conceptualized in portland oregon, we have been on tour for the past year and a half, after a summer vaudville show the band has set out on a world tour from central, south and north america, to europe and back. promoting a petrol free lifestyle we travel in a veggie powered bus using solar power.


Live at louies
Eugenes Revenge
live at roots

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Set List

We have a large repertoire of originals and tradicional music, we can play a short set of less than an hour or fill a full evening with 3 or more sets lasting up to 4 hours.