The Undersided

The Undersided


The Undersided are a garage rock band hailing from the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia. Drawing upon the fiery energy of their predecessors, and combining these elements with new wave's jagged melodies, The Undersided perform their dynamic original songs with passion and intensity.


School friends Baz and Trix created The Undersided in 2001 in order to play the punk rock music they both loved. Classic punk covers and enthusiastic originals were a feature of The Undersided’s early shows, as was the high energy performance the boys honed in dimly lit venues across Sydney.
Several personnel changes occurred during 2003-04 as Baz and Trix sought to expand their music beyond punk’s limitations whilst still maintaining it’s passion. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of new wave bands such as Echo & The Bunnymen, Joy Division and XTC, whilst embracing the rich musical heritage of The Stooges, Radio Birdman and the New York Dolls, allowed the boys to develop a more expressive form of song-writing. Baz developed his sharp political lyrics of paranoia and self-deception, whilst Trix created a more surreal, narrative, style.
The Undersided began gigging this new material towards the end of 2004 when Baz and Trix were joined by Mitch and James. Mitch’s explosive drumming style, combined with the heavy groove of James’ bass guitar, has provided a solid foundation for the new songs to take shape.
The Undersided are preparing for a big year in 2006. Currently in pre-production for their debut album, the legendary Radio Birdman frontman, Rob Younger, has been confirmed as producer for the album, with recording due to start mid 2006. The current line-up is enjoying an increasing sense of momentum and has played many venues across Sydney including The Excelsior Hotel, The Cat & Fiddle, The Empire Hotel and The Hopetoun Hotel among others. The Undersided are also featured on the recently released Smashed Records compilation “Payola1” and have signed a licensing agreement with MTV.


The Undersided - Demo/EP

Set List

Standard (45min) set of originals, with a few (1-3) covers.