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Hailing from York, Pennsylvania, the Underwater have been on a steady rise since their inception in late 2001.

After a successful tour in 2002 with hardcore legends Zao, Unearth, Underoath and Dead Poetic, the band entered the studio to record their debut album entitled Bleed Me Blue (EP). The album was
released nationally on Tribunal Records in early 2003, and then was later released in Europe on Lifeforce/Impression music in the late summer of 2003.

In less than a years time the release had sold in excess of 6,000 copies, giving the Underwater the opportunity to land supporting gigs with Nickelback, Supergrass, Seether, and The Fire Theft to name a few.

The band completed several European headlining tours, during which they received massive support from fans as well as the media. The single "To Find You" received heavy rotation on many European radio stations, and even charted top 25 on stations in Switzerland and Austria.

In 2004 the band had a chance to work with famed producer David Bendeth (Hawthorne Heights, Imarobot, Breaking Benjamin). During that session they finished the tracks "Fallen One" and "Everyone".

2005 was the year that the band found themselves free from contractual obligations thus they released their second ep in 2 years entitled "Lungs". "Lungs" became the #1 seller at FYE / in the localeyez section which led to retail distribution through FYE and Coconuts in PA, NJ, DE & WV, in addition to the preexisting distribution through
all Record and Tape Traders in MD. In April 2006, The Underwater was named XM Radio artist of the week, adding to their radio success.

From 2006-2007, The Underwater has played numerous shows including shows with Live, Shinedown, Fuel, Trapt, Saliva, Quiet Drive, Dropping Daylight, Halestorm, City Sleeps and Lennon, among others.

The forthcoming LP "Forces", recorded with David Bendeth, Warren Riker and Marshall Deasy and mastered by Ted Jensen, is expected in 2007.

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Fallen One

Written By: Dan Thomas

we're the dust that arises
just to glorify itself
when we're ash and we're lifeless
no excuse will be of help
if we all got what we deserved
we all would pay you can be sure
and you are the one to blame
you threw your life away
nomatter what you say
one day you'll have to face it
fallen one, you never pulled your weight
no one can take your place
you threw this life away
if you knew all my secrets
and could read all my thoughts
if you could feel all my feelings
you would put me to a stop
for every deed i should have done
every mile walked i should have run
for every careless word i've said
bury me deeper when i'm dead
i have lingered for her kiss
and my only prayer is grace

Maybe Love

Written By: Dan Thomas

I step into the spotlight as insecure
as the child in the schoolyard i was before
I learned to hide my face and shut my mouth
I learned what solitude's about

the world beat this heart from red to black and blue
I never found the time it took to heal these wounds

the laughter never leaves you- it multiplies
you can sense it in the smiles of passers-by
I try to rise above the doubt in me
that, one day, I may find some peace

maybe love could be the answer
maybe I should just let go
of this pain that's like a cancer
of the things i can't control
maybe love

maybe love- love could make it right, it could heal me from inside
maybe I- maybe I could be so much more than I believed


"Bleed Me Blue" EP
"Lungs" EP

Set List

Typically we play about 45 minutes of original material.