The Undesirables

The Undesirables

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Roguish charm. Superb songs. Wit. A lack-of-composure bordering on rock n' roll, and a storytelling-nonchalance that's almost stand-up comedy. The Undesirables boasts gorgeous harmonies, folk's only front man, and a single acoustic guitarist who brings the whole band.



Corin Raymond is folk's only front man. He's a storyteller whose audiences make themselves cozy in the palm of his hand, and as a singer he sweats for his payload like any worker in soul. When he's not sweating for The Undesirables, Corin is singing his own songs, behind a rhythm guitar, with his band The Sundowners. He released his newest solo effort, There Will Always Be A Small Time, in May, 2009. One of Corin's songs was published in the July 2009 issue of Sing Out! magazine.

Sean Cotton is The Undesirables' one-man band, a secret weapon in the world of guitar players, and it's no surprise that he also plays with Treasa Levasseur, another peer with whom The Undesirables have schemed, dreamed, toured and triumphed. Treasa sings with The Undies on their second album, Doghouse Dreams, and she has also included an Undesirables song on both her albums to date. She makes no secret of the fact she plans to record 'Fill Me Up With Sound', another from the duo's catalogue, on her third album.

The Undesirables are without a record label or an agency, and yet they are touring extensively at home, and further abroad each year. They've become festival favourites in Ontario and in Australia. Their growing coterie of fans are making up their own minds about what The Undesirables bring to their craft, to the stage, and to their audiences. When their new album Travelling Show is released, the duo will often be appearing as a trio, incorporating a drummer on a stripped-down kit, throwing their showmanship and stage-energy to new heights. The Undesirables are plotting to entertain you, dear reader, even as you absorb these words.

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Byrd (North Carolina) had this to say:

"The Undesirables. From Toronto, Canada. Two grown men, one guitar, and a natural disaster. These guys rock harder than rock bands. Visceral, deeply soulful, hand-clapping, foot-stomping, laughing out loud music. Being in the room with them is like standing in the engine room of an ocean freighter pulling 20 knots. There are rumours of a Texas tour in the works for them. Texas is going to freak out. Any of my fans out there, go see them. If I have misled you, I will personally refund your ticket."


LP- Travelling Show (released Oct. 9th, 2009 - Hugh's Room, Toronto, ON, Canada)

LP- Doghouse Dreams, 2007

LP- Summer's Gone, 2004

Set List

The Undesirables typically perform a one-hour set, or two forty-five minute sets. They will adapt their show to whatever timeframe is called for.

Highlights include:

This Town
Night Train
Singing Bones
The Bus Stop Walk
One Fine Day
The Dog that You Forgot to Let In
California Wine
Up Above The Clouds (It's A Sunny Day)
Credit River
Ninety Days
Singing Bones
The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Lonely
Round Trip Love Song
The Sandy Side of The Moon
Fill Me Up With Sound
Down and Out
Sinking Into Sleep
Good News
Umbrella Girl

The Undesirables perform their own material (as listed above), but artists they have covered onstage recently are: Tom Waits (in a festival segment in Apollo Bay, Australia, devoted to his songs), Neil Young (in a touring evening-of-tribute called Borrowed Tunes), and Gordon Lightfoot (at the latest annual Gordon Lightfoot tribute at Hugh's Room in Toronto). The Undesirables have also performed Exile On M