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The Undivided

Llandovery, Wales, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Llandovery, Wales, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Rock




"The Undivided Review"

The Undivided have a knack for writing anthemic songs as big as the mountains that overshadow their hometown of Abergavenny - Kerrang Magazine

"Big Cheese Review"

Its not easy to make your mark in todays UK rock scene with so many new bands, but The Undivided have a really good chance if this is anything to by. Lead single Wasted Time and closer 'Together/Alone' are the highlights here and show the future is looking bright. This seven track mini-album has some missteps (the title track ballad comes to mind) and its obvious that they're a band who are still developing and finding their sound but if they concentrate in the melodic anthems then who knows where they could go from here

3/5 - Big Cheese

"Rocksound Review"

The early Noughties were a particularly healthy time for British music with bands like Hell Is For Heroes, Reuben and Million Dead flying the flag for gimmick-free, straight-up rock. But with the uncertain future of last-band-standing Hundred Reasons the final remnants of a great era maybe finally leaving for good. Step then, The Undivided, delivering this seven track onslaught of post-hardcore goodness overflowing with memories of all those great bands which never reached those destined heights. But with a debut as strong as ‘Safety’ The Undivided might just be the band to bring the secret to the masses.


- Rocksound

"Live Gig Review"

Wingman guitarist Bray does a fine line in stadium trashing intros, and numbers like ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Panic’ are immediately mesmerising. Singer Joe comes alive on these numbers too, as if he knows Bray’s scorching intros, a collision of U2, early Simple Minds, and SLF, are something to follow and indeed match. -

"Breathe (Single Review"

“We’ve got some anthemic rock for you from South Wales, which seems to be a mass breeding ground of awesome new rock bands at the moment. We’ve played The Undivided before and they seem to be getting better and better, especially with their latest single Breathe.” Aaron Phillips – Amazing Radio Track Of The Week, 29th March 2014 - Amazing Radio

"Welsh Rockers"

“The Undivided, delivering an onslaught of post-hardcore goodness” Rock Sound Magazine - Rock Sound

"Kerrang Introducing"

What do the Dwr Cymru water Board put In their supplies? Heres another band from the valleys with a knack for writing anthemic songs as big as the mountains that overshadow their hometown of Abergavenny. The quartet have already shared stage space with The Xcerts, Tiger Please and Straight Lines and toured with Ash – and are now currently plotting a tour to rock as many faces as possible in the next 12 months.

- Kerrang!

"This New Day (Single Review)"

he song is a radio friendly song, which is slow-paced in parts, but has a good guitar back drop on it that helps the flow of the song, easy to listen to and sway along with…as it combines the nice lyrics of vocalists Joe and Lew, while drummer Ryhd pounds away throughout ‘This New Day’ Great little song, from another good up and coming Valleys band.

4/5 - AAA Music

"Stencil Magazine - Album Review"

When people think of Wales and its music scene, most automatically think of bands such as Funeral For a Friend. Lostprophets and The Blackout to name but a few such groups. However, one group that people should really start talking about is The Undivided, an indie-rock quartet that formed in 2009. Playing gigs with Ash , and The Excerts. and releasing their EP 'Machines' in 2011. this young quartet have been creating waves within the music industry.

Having released 'Safety' this October, it's high time to see what the fuss is about with these boys. Kicking off with '7 Hours', the quartet explodes with burning energy. A quiet bass line gives way to loud and big riffs. complimented with tightly tuned drumming. With a two-pronged vocal attack, courtesy of Joe and Lew, this South Wales group have already started to sweep us away.
Tracks such as 'Panic' and 'Open Eyes' highlights their young talent; a whirlwind of harmonies, The Undivided use catchy hooks and bouncy choruses to swell the ranks of their fan base, relying on their blistering energy. But they also know when to slow things down a notch. Title-track 'Safety', which features Welsh singer Just Harrie, is a perfect example. Sweet, gut-wrenching vocals slide beautifully over a poignant piano score; delicate feminine vocals mix incredibly well with the rougher, male vocals.
As they finish with 'Together-Alone', yet another rousing track that contains saucy guitar licks and a melodic bass line, The Undivided have definitely caught our undivided attention. And its time that you gave them your attention and time too - Stencil Magazine

"Merthyr Rock - Live Review"

Opening Merthyr Rock 2012 is Cardiff-based four-piece The Undivided. Merthyr Rock prides itself on putting young Welsh acts on the bill and this young band certainly earns their place today. With a sound reminiscent of early 2000’s emo a lá Saves The Day but grungier, they provide an energetic and enjoyable opening to the festival. They have genuine potential and a great variation on a well-worn sound and are a surprisingly good opening to the day.
- Already Heard

"Merthyr Rock - Live Review"

You wouldn't think that The Undivided were just an upcoming band, as their performance is awesome, the band had a great turn out for their set, and with tunes like 'Open Your Eyes' already in their set list, it is safe to say that with some more performances like this, then the band should do well in the not so distant future.
- Stencil Magazine

"Lounge Lyric Review"

Coming fresh out of storming the Merthyr Rock festival (playing alongside well-established acts including Razorlight and Kids In Glass Houses) and Breaking Out Festival, THE UNDIVIDED smash forth with their new album ‘SAFETY’, fusing a modern Indie vibe with a classic rock energy which combines to produce a fresh new take on the anthemic.

The four piece from South Wales have pushed their music further than ever before, with the first single ‘WASTED TIME’ proving a great example of the band’s all-round talent. The optimistic sound of Lewis Bray’s lead guitar shines through the mix over the powerful and unyielding force of the bass, played by Fergus Gleeson. This well constructed song epitomises the thought and musical tack that THE UNDIVIDED strive for, a sound approaching the grandiose with a chorus quite capable of blowing the socks off most.

The second single ‘7 HOURS’ shows the strength that the band can produce when they really let loose. The opening riff is something that Queens of The Stone Age would be proud of producing: a blistering crescendo that batters the senses. This riff then gives way to a tantalizing vocal melody performed by Joe Disson, whose performance is solid throughout the album as a whole. The frenetic drumming of Rhydian Mason really brings the whole track forth, with a dynamism and control that shows that this band have yet more to give.

The overall sense across the album is one that affords the listener a sense of rhythm as well as a passion that demands attention from all. This is a great step for THE UNDIVIDED and is one that should bring recognition for the obvious hard work and great talent of all involved.
- Lounge Lyric Review

"Wasted Time (Single Review)"

A pretty decent slice of anthemic indie-rock from this South Wales four-piece; its roots are in the Feeder school of song writing and it sports an uplifting, sing-along chorus (as you would expect). This is a nice, radio friendly tune which should help things along for them and it’s fun to bop about to, so plenty of scope for the track making it as an indie dance-floor filler
Room Thirteen
The Undivided may have only been together for just over a year but already they have played around the UK alongside plenty of names that make the eyebrows raise a little like Ash, My Vitriol and The Xcerts and on this evidence they do fit in nicely with bands of that calibre.
'Wasted Time' is a classic Alternative Rock style tune, which has that perfect atmospheric feel that would be right at home being played live in a large arena. The only gripe that can be found is that you feel many bands before The Undivided have been there and done it all before and the quartet may find it hard to get noticed on this track alone.
All in all the boys from the valleys of South Wales have put together a quality tune which has been well produced and proves they are immersed in talent.
- Miniature Music Press

"Plugged In Introducing"

Cardiff Rockers The Undivided really hit the spot with their guitar-driven rock `n` roll. It’s got passion, energy and a fantastic vibe. The fabulous rock sound is very loud and complemented by fantastic vocals which offer real value as featured on new mini-album ‘Safety’. We’ve had to do a lot of growing and changing to find our feet musically and recorded Machines at the end of 2010 as stamp of our work to that point. But then we went onto tour with People In Planes, and realised we had to get better, so we sat down and wrote a lot of new songs as a group and found a really good formula and songs that we were happy with. “Such tracks as the catchy Wasted Time offers a classy rock sound, with a dancing bass, building to a great sing-a-long chorus, and You & Me, a cool, dirty rock riff, lovely lead guitar and vocals that really hit the spot. This wouldn’t go a miss on a Feeder Record. Quite simply, The Undivided craft a wonderful rock sound that will have your head bouncing and joining in on vocals. It’s not cocky or eccentric, it’s straight forward passionate and loud. Don’t panic, The Undivided are here to save us! - Plugged In Magazine

"You & me Single Review"

The Undivided release their first single You & Me from a new EP due to be released later in the year. Recorded with Tom Manning (Feeder, The Last Republic) the song is put together very well and greatly crafted. It shows a lot of promise without being too over the top. The vocals are powerful and the guitars leave an impressive impact. Its not just noise, it has purpose and is music to be played at a loud volume. If they can better this song then everyone is in for a treat as it gets better with every listen. - Beat Review

"You & Me Single Review"

Cardiffs The Undivided made a name for themselves on stages across the UK throughout 2010, and now after a brief stint recording in deepest south Wales theyve put together an EP to back it up. The first single to be taken from this is entitled You And Me. Its an upbeat power pop number with a solid rhythm at its core and plenty of soaring guitars lain on top.

You And Me builds up nicely from a simple drumbeat, and the opening guitar part is a revelation, coming in at just the right time to give the song an uplifting and exciting feel. Opening lines Breathe I want you to breathe are also excellently timed, and the husky yet high pitched vocals complement the song perfectly. - Live Music Scene

"New Blood"

“With the band's melodic anthems the future's looking bright for The Undivided” Big Cheese Magazine - Big Cheese

"You & Me Single Review"

If being described as Biffy Clyros wide eyed, sledgehammer-hook wielding younger siblings, is as good a compliment as you can get, then The Undivided appears to be on to a good thing. You & Me kicks off with drum beats that will shake your core and quickly moves into soaring guitar riffs and melodies reminiscent of their influences; Placebo, People In Planes and Muse. You & Me is an all out alt-rock stomper and with intelligent lyrics backing up the sweet hooks and vocals, The Undivided have produced a simmering winner which will keep them permanently on your radar. - Minitature Music Press

"Ash Live Show"

Support band The Undivided have a slightly thankless task, being confronted by a crowd that mostly came hear Kung Fu, but plug away bravely and by the end their Muse-meets-Placebo efforts have won them a few new fans. - South Wales Argus

"Surface Unsigned Showcase"

"If Biffy Clyro are this decade's most innovative hardcore-pop combo, then The Undivided are their wide eyed, sledgehammer-hook wielding younger siblings, all skyscraper choruses and savvy, bruising power-pop arrangements. Vocalist Joe Disson is a songwriter of some high esteem, and tracks such as the explosive S.O.S - which recalls a prime time My Vitriol - could, if there is any justice in the world - see their name in MTV2 lights.
- Surface Unsigned

"People In Planes Show"

The Undivided were on stage, getting towards the end of their set. I remembered these guys from last time but tonight they were even better and felt much bigger, tighter, more professional and had much more of the crowds attention. It really is surprising what a few weeks on the road with People and Planes can do for a band to up their game! I would highly recommend checking out The Undivided live as they are slowly and surely proving themselves to be a live force - Altsounds

"People In Planes Gig Review"

Our night started with The Undivided and these guys really rocked it. Not one person cared about them and not one person would come to the front even after being prompted but, they didn't give a fuck. They just played and played with verocity and passion and nothing else. They were simply there, fighting their asses off for audience attention which they got and was well deserved. These guys need to keep working hard, get good, honest productions under their belt and you will be hearing a lot from them in the future.

- Altsounds


Album Release 'This New Day' (7/4/2014)

Single Release 'Worlds Apart' (3/03/2014)

Safety (10/09/2012)

1. 7 Hours
2. You & Me
3. Panic
4. Safety Feat. Just Harrie
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Wasted Time
7. Together/Alone ..

Wasted Time (19/09/2011)

1. Wasted Time

You & Me Single (09/04/2011)

1. You & Me
2. A Thousand Crosses (B Side)

Machines (Released 9th october 2010 via Reverbnation): -

1. Promises
2. The Young Die Fast
3. Watch Me Fall Apart
4. Machines



Now working with Dan Weller (Sikth) who is at the realm of production, defining the sound of their new music! ‘Invincible’ the first single dropped from the EP Satellites, is already playing on over 80 radio stations and the video is airing on SCUZZTV the EP will be out on general sale in May 2016 along with new single Satellites.

A band driven by a desire to create the kind of noise people simply have to stand up and hear the most exciting, not to mention anthemic- rock act to emerge from South Wales in decades are finally here and not a moment too soon. Inspired by the political, message-heavy words of fellow countrymen Manic Street Preachers, the instrumentation of Idlewild, and the penchant for melodic pop sensibilities evident in the likes of Mansun and Peace, The Undivided make music that’s impossible to ignore. Soaring guitar chords launch from atop punishing riffs, shuddering bass lines carry the rhythms forward, and sledgehammer drumbeats underpin this combination of harmony and electricity.

 Hailing from the South Wales Valleys, the four-piece (comprising lead guitarist and singer Joe Disson, percussive maestro Rhydian Mason, guitarist Lew Bray and formed circa 2012, born from the ashes of previous aural endeavours and built on the back of long-standing friendships. A successful meeting of minds, a period of incessant and relentless gigging followed, which saw them perform dates across the UK- including support and opening slots for Ash, The Xcerts, Kids in Glass Houses, The Dirty Youth and IDivide - with praise coming from Kerrang!, Rock Sound, NME and XFM, to name but a few.

Their previous album ‘this New Day’ produced by Romesh Dodangoda, helped garn the funding support from the Welsh Arts Council, radio play from BBC Introducing Wales, BBC Introducing Radio 1, Nation Radio, Team Rock Radio, the hype is almost as big as the main-room filling tunes on the record. Thankfully, though, in this case it’s deserving, with The Undivided set to fulfil their ambition of breaking with the norm to deliver truly poignant, meaningful and moving songs through expert musicianship and devastatingly honest lyricism. They secured a sync placement for the instrumental version of ‘Headlights’ from the previous album ‘This New Day’ on the opening and closing credits of BBC 4 Royal Institute Christmas lectures, in December 2014.

 US and Canadian College radio airplay followed which has already awarded them a CMJ radio distinction, donned them a place at Canadian Music 2015. Their exciting and energetic showcase performances earned themselves the support of US sync agents. The band returns by invitation to CMW in May 2016, as well as a place on Focus Wales.

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