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The best kept secret in music


"Review by rock critic Jim DeRogatis"

You've gotta love a band that calls itself the Unemployed and titles its seven-song indie release "F--- Work." On tunes such as "Self Deprecate" and "Before/After/ Still," the young band delivers a spunky, catchy brand of pop-punk. You can judge for yourself if you take the group up on its offer of a free CD, available through its Web site ( - Chicago Sun-Times

"Review by My Pilot Light"

Webster’s dictionary defines the term ‘unemployed’ as “not employed, not being used, not engaged in anything gainful, not invested.” It’s clear upon listening to the Fuck Work! album by The Unemployed that the band should be spanked for false advertising. After listening to the first track, entitled “Am I Bitter,” it’s obvious that The Unemployed have a job, and that job is to grace the ears of their loyal listeners with a unique, power pop sound that is undeniably catchy.
Currently, the band features the multi-talented vocalist/guitarist Brian Broscoe in its lineup; however, he is actively searching for replacements for previous drummers and bassists that have come and gone. Broscoe recorded everything on the album himself aside from the female vocals on “Love is Strange,” provided by ex-drummer Kristen Register before she left the band. Other help with the album came from Al Kavadlo, who provided the drums for two tracks, “Ugh” and “Before.After.Still.”
Several journalists in the past have had trouble pinpointing The Unemployed’s sound, but it was done best by Broscoe himself on the band’s purevolume page, located here. There, it is stated that The Unemployed is a mix of rock, powerpop, and indie. These different genres are fused together with one common goal: single-handedly disarming the slut population with songs like “Fuck You Slut.” With influences lying deeply in the early rock genres of the 50’s and 60’s, it’s easy to see where Broscoe himself finds inspiration for The Unemployed’s distinct sound.
With an interesting rendition of “Love Is Strange,” originally recorded in the late 50’s by Mickey and Sylvia, as well as “It’s So Easy,” which was originally recorded by Buddy Holly around the same time, Broscoe has commendably shown off his knowledge of the decade’s music. Listening to The Unemployed’s version of the songs is like a time warp for listeners, bringing the listener back to the 50’s or the 50’s back to the listener.
Other notable tracks on the album include “Grace of My Heart,” “Perfect Moment,” and “Am I Bitter?” “Grace of My Heart” isn’t actually a happy song, although that fact alone is surprising due to the funny nature of the lyrics. The song has the ability to draw one in and leave one feeling sympathetic. “Perfect Moment” is a euphoric anthem of hope and love, with the striking ability to be related to just about any situation where a crush is involved. “Am I Bitter?” can also be applied to finding new love and getting over old flames.
Overall, the album is mostly about relationships. Broscoe said he was no longer going to write about love; instead, he will choose to write about anything but for his debut full-length album, tentatively titled Save a Tree, Have an Abortion, which will debut on Creeque Alley Records if negotiations with the label go as planned. The record company is an enterprise for Brian Pierce, who courted Broscoe after one of his shows. Broscoe is an independent artist with the ability to record everything himself. Since the release of Fuck Work, he has upgraded his studio with more top of the line equipment, which promises old and new fans the hi-fi sound they’re used to.
For now, we wait until Broscoe delivers us the next gem. While we’re waiting, you can find more information at The Unemployed’s website, or their purevolume site, located here.

- | Kari Ludwig


FUCK WORK! E.P. (Independently released 2004)
Self Titled E.P. (Released by Creeque Alley Records 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in Hickory Hills Illinois, The Unemployed, consisting of songwriter Brian Broscoe on vocals and guitar and Tony Virgilio on drums, combine catchy hooks, melodic rhythms and unforgettable lyrics creating an infectious blend of power pop/rock all their own.

With influences ranging from various 50’s and 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll to the early sounds of Weezer and Marcy Playground, Brian’s songwriting combines all the essential elements of what makes a power pop song a hit. With melodies and lyrics that you’re left singing for days, he has discovered the perfect formula to create the ultimate power pop song.

Discovering music at a late age, it didn’t take Brian long to realize that he had a passion and talent for songwriting. Finding the right band wasn’t quite as easy so he learned to do everything himself. He taught himself how to play the drums and learned the ins and outs of production as well. He recorded his first independently released E.P. entitled, “Fuck Work,” on a 12 track in his home studio. He began promoting his songs by playing acoustic shows around the city. Though the acoustic shows were an excellent outlet to promote his music at that time, it wasn’t quite the vision he had in mind. He knew that he wanted a full band so the music would come across the way that he intended.

After only his second show with a drummer, his sound caught the ear of independent label, Creeque Alley Records, whom he signed with in early 2005. He has since been working on his first full-length album at Rax Trax studios in Chicago. In the meantime, Creeque Alley has released a 5 song E.P. which they are currently promoting.

With the recent addition of drummer Tony Virgilio, The Unemployed has been able to start playing live shows again as a band. Currently without a bass player, Brian and Tony more than make up for that missing piece, working extremely hard to make their two-piece sound like a full band.

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