The Uninvited

The Uninvited


We are a band born to the live stage where our music really gets a great reaction from those who appreciate our different influences, from john mayer and oasis to metallica and nirvana all in one up to date, slick package.


The Uninvited are a 4 piece band from Essex who want to share with the world their own blues influenced indie rock. The Uninvited started life as a duet between Mark Gilmor and James Smith who between them wrote some seriously good music. After a few months of searching Elliott Giles joined them on the drums and brought a new dimension to the music. Amongst some controversy Joe Lethbridge was recruited to keep Elliott company in the rhythm section on his bass.....


Believe and Again - Extensive local airplay on Link FM

Set List

Typical set list includes six or seven songs from an albums worth depending on our and the crowds mood, all original material lasting usually between 30-40 minutes depending on what's required but could play up to an hour.